Clean Up For The Holiday 50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Christmas is almost here. I am sure most of you will be hosting family and friend gatherings and that means time to clean the house. I love having guests, but not the cleaning and prep involved before they come. How come every time we throw a party the night before I always see stains and art where I hadn’t before? These kids!! LOL

303 products are a line of cleaning products sure to help you tackle the mess around your home, car, & even boat. From a multi-surface cleaner to Fabric Guard they can help. I recently tried out the multi-surface cleaner. It worked great on some crayons art my kids had made for me on the kitchen cabinets. I plan on using it in our camper, and even in our shop. There are many places I can see this coming in handy.I was also sent a bottle of  STA-BIL® 360˚ PERFORMANCE. While my husband always handles the cars in our family, I passed it along to him to try out. I am waiting for his report.

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