Burn Baby, Burn! {melt It Off Giveaway}

It’s hard to fit exercise into my busy day. After receiving the Melt It Off! work out DVD’s I have really stuck to an exercise routine and have started looking forward to “me time” …with Mitch!The secret of Mitch’s exercise program is leveraged core action, using Mitch’s calorie melting weapon, the G-Ball. Each of Mitch’s innovative exercises engages the core and radiates outward targeting every major muscle in your body to sculpt beautiful abs, strong lean arms and to lift and firm the buns and legs.“Over the years since the Olympics, I’ve trained a lot of people. Other gymnasts, athletes and people that have never worked out before. And the first thing I teach them is that our strength to do just about anything comes right from our core.”Mitch Gaylord won 4 Olympic medals and has been inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame. He became the first ever American gymnast to score a perfect 10! From his knowledge of core training, he designed the Melt It Off system.With Mitch’s 3 Day Melt It Off Kick Start, you can start on Wednesday and be a size smaller for the weekend. Guaranteed! In independent university testing, the average result was over 5 pounds and 1 size in just 3 days!

So Hollis’ first birthday is next week and I’m so sad to say i still have a good 40 pounds I need to loose of “baby weight”…or maybe it’s ice cream and pizza weight. Whatever it is, it needs to go NOW! I am guilty of not taking good care of myself since becoming a mom, putting my kids, household duties, etc before what I need to do for myself. Making the time to exercise is so hard for me, usually I try to fit it in after I get the kids to bed, but usually by then I’m so tired from the day that it doesn’t end up happening. I was so happy to receive Melt It Off! with Mitch Gaylord fitness program and couldn’t wait to try it! The DVD is complete with 4 different workouts targeting different areas along with the amazing G-Ball. There is a cardio burn & sculpt workout, Sizzlin’ Abs workout, High calorie melt, and the Melt in 10, all incorporating the G-ball to really target your core section! {P.S.  I love that Melt in 10 because if I don’t feel up for an hour workout, I always can make 10 minutes for exercise!}! The workouts are challenging and effective, all making me work hard! I exercised 5 days last week, using the Melt It Off videos and really felt a difference in my mood and energy level. It always makes me feel good to exercise and it’s amazing what a few days of exercise can do for your self esteem! Now I just have to stay on this good path! These videos are great and will definitely be incorporated into my new workout routine!

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