Balancing the Perfect Décor With Timber Floors!

If you have timber flooring in your home, you certainly own an inviting, luxurious and calming space! The incredible beauty of this floor, the X factor that it exudes, and the unique charm couldn’t be found in any other type of floors. And of course, apart from these perks of this flooring, you’ll need exciting furniture and matching décor in your home to enhance its beauty further. So, are you ready for the ideas to achieve the same?

Décor Tips to Complement the Timber Floor!

Timber flooring in Wellington from Native Grain Flooring demands equally exquisite and enchanting furniture and décor pieces around it. Only then the best quality floor you installed through their excellent service will show off in a more affirmative way. And to know which kind of furniture or décor pieces or wall color would look fascinating with your timber floor, read the tips mentioned below.

  • Contrasts are creative — Remember the thumb rule when decorating furniture and accessories around timber flooring – always mix, don’t match! The idea of contrasts that subtly get indulged in the wooden theme of the floor looks truly astounding in any home. Like dark wooden colors that are contemporary and have an artistic touch gets mixed magically with lighter shades on walls and furniture that have these soft hues. And to add some character here, grab those vibrant furnishings and accessories like peach and orange cushions or neon pink showpieces, etc. Or you could go the somber and sophisticated way that would look equally alluring with white walls and leather lounger or sofa. But again, ensure that your sofa shade isn’t anywhere matching or of a similar shade of the floor. If you add soft colored drapes and vintage art pieces in this home, the elegance would speak for itself!
  • The shape and style saga — Timbre floor requires an elegant styling as well when adding your furniture. Just monotonous looking lounges, beds, or even cupboards are going to diminish its charm. Pick your style carefully when matching the same with timber flooring. Don’t be scared to experiment with materials and textures. Metals, wickers, and even different tones of wood look good in the backdrop of timber flooring. You may add fun and quirk with acrylic, glass, and mirrors too – they reflect light and make the space feel cheerful.
  • Softer spots — Apart from being totally captivating, wood can be too formal. Your home certainly needs some softening up to exude homeliness. Make your feet feel softer with lush area rugs in subtle colour tones (so as not to take away the attention from the floors entirely). Further, using airy and cheerful fabrics for your curtains and drapes, throw pillows, and bed and bath linens is all you need to spruce up your home in harmony with your timber flooring.

We don’t deny that wooden floors are magical in themselves! But the idea behind adding great décor to them is taking away the attention solely from them and making your entire home seem charismatic and enchanting! And the ideas listed above are going to help you a lot to create this fabulous magic in your home. 

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