Areas in Your Home That Scream for Deep Cleaning!

Deep Cleaning

You want your home to look and feel the best! And for that, obviously, it needs a lot of care and maintenance. A glowing home with hundred percent neatness, no clutter, a sweet fragrance lingering in the place, happy smiling faces of loved ones – what could be a better stress buster after a long day at work?! To make your home a haven with everything clean and sanitised, and organised and de-cluttered, you have to make sure you are cleaning it regularly and thoroughly. 

You know you have to keep your place clean, and even the ways you should be doing it. But what you or most people are unaware of is – which section of the house demands cleaning in what frequency. Or in other words, the exact time span or regularity with which you should be cleaning your home and hearth. To have a proper knowledge about this, make sure you understand that your home requires both personal routine cleaning effort and also professional hand to keep it spic and span and fully sanitised.

Common household areas that need professional cleaning:

There are innumerable nooks and corners in a home. And every home always seems to be spilling with stuff. And not all are redundant. We keep using most of them from time and again in some way or another. Naturally, everything should be clean in order to keep us safe, sanitised and in a good mood – we all know good health and good surroundings are always keys to good mood. Also, a dirty home isn’t at all a presentable sight – be it for guests or family members! And most of the times, you don’t deliberately ignore the cleaning, it’s just that you have no idea about when to occasionally clean them to keep them spic and span consistently. And then there is always the fact that our plates are always too full! Knowing about the areas that ask for extra cleaning would help you plan your cleaning sessions better.  

  • Floors — Flooring is the base of your house, and that is why one of the most essential part of it too. You walk on it, sit, sleep, eat, relax and do all kinds of things on it! Even most of your belongings are scattered on the floor most of the time, and you tend to just pick them up and resume your work. Kids have a habit to throw everything on the floor and then pick up and gobble it before you can even bat an eyelid! This can create a lot of hazards if your floor isn’t cleaned regularly. And doing the same depends on the type of floor you have! If it’s basic marble or tile, a regular mopping and professional cleaning once in three months is recommended. If it’s wood, go for dry mopping and a professional touch (sanding, polishing etc.) once in a year. For carpets and rugs, once a week vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning in Christchurch from Christchurch Cleaning Company once every three months is recommended. They’ll deeply clean the carpets and rugs with their up-to-date techniques and help you get safer and cleaner carpets. Apart from these, ensure you are instantly cleaning spills on the floor.
  • Walls and ceilings — Walls and ceilings form 5 parts of 6 sides of the cube that makes up your rooms and of course your house too. So, if this majority of area is unkempt, it affects the overall look and feel of your home. A regular dusting once a week helps you to stay away from the cobwebs and dust accumulation. But this isn’t enough — a professional cleaning done once in six to eight months can take them from clean to gleam in no time.
  • Living room — Your living room gets a heavy dose of daily traffic. There are kids jumping all through it, guests hanging in the place and even your most daily tasks are centred in the living room. That is why this area gets dirty quite easily. Ensure a vacuuming session in the entire area on alternate days (that includes your furniture, gadgets and furnishings), and the floor swept and mopped on a daily basis. Also, professional cleaning can be carried out every few months to keep all kinds of germs and dirt at bay.
  • Kitchen area — Kitchens demand a very stern cleaning schedule. Ensure to wash and wipe the whole kitchen tiles and floor on a daily basis. If you find tough sticky dirt on the kitchen ceiling and walls, be sure to call the home cleaning service. Otherwise also, your kitchen should be professionally deep cleaned once in each month.
  •  Washrooms — Your washrooms need a daily cleaning session with a good cleaning agent. But there would also be grout that needs cleaning very regularly, and even your bathtub, fixtures, mirrors and toilets that require a thorough cleaning. Too much of elbow grease? Call in professional cleaners weekly or fortnightly. 

Along with all these, your furniture requires dusting and cleaning manually once a week. Even your appliances should be serviced in a frequency of three months, your home’s exterior get a professional attention once a year, and lawns and landscaping tended as per need! If you follow these schedules regularly, you are bound to have a home that stays clean and looks clean too all round the year!

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