5 Signs your Combi Boiler needs to be Replaced ASAP!

A combi boiler is basically a combination of a high efficiency water heater along with a central heating boiler system combined in a single unit. They are becoming a quite popular way of heating the rooms as well as the water in our homes. They offer a much wider range of benefits as compared to other boilers. It’s basically a boiler that fits into the budget of most people when it comes to the correct boiler cost, costs of installation, and the energy bills later on.

So, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing combination boilers for their homes. And the good news is that you can bid goodbye to the need of a hot water cylinder or even a cold water tank in the loft, roof, or basement. You could even use up the extra space for a better cause. But choosing the correct sized boiler for your home can be bewildering, and you should take an expert opinion. So, in case you are planning to invest in combi boilers, Unique Heating Supplies is the authorized supplier you should contact.  They have a myriad collection of boilers to choose from according to the heating requirements of properties of all sizes. Whether it’s buying a new or replacing an old, they are the ones for your combi boiler needs.

Signs You Need To Look Out For In Case Of A Combi Boiler Replacement

Let’s be honest, just like you need a hot shower, you need a warm bathroom, especially, during the cold wintry mornings. That’s the time you come straight from your warm and cosy bed to the ice-cold bathroom. That’s precisely why you need to have cheap bathroom radiators installed which will make your mornings delightfully warm and comfortable (without burning a hole in your pocket!). But along with that, keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs that announce the farewell time of your old boiler:

    1. Increasing maintenance costs

      The first sign that will come to your notice is the increasing maintenance bill of your boiler. Once the figures start going into hundreds, it’s time to go for a new boiler. Parts of a boiler are expensive and there should be a limit on the amount you end up spending on its repairs.

    2. Ageing

      If the age of your boiler approaches as much as 15 years, it’s time to give it a proper farewell. Medium quality boilers have a five to seven years warranty while better brands may offer up to 10 years. But there’s no way that a boiler may survive for more than 12 to 15 years as most of the parts are subjected to high temperatures and pressure.

    3.  Sluggishness

      If your family has grown in number since you last installed your combi boiler, or if you have added new shower system, taps or any other features, it’s quite obvious you need to give it a check. It may be that your boiler is no longer being able to cope up with the increased load. There may be parts that have undergone wear and tear increasing the time taken to heat water up. In such cases, you need to shop for a new boiler.

    4. Low energy rating

      A high energy rating indicates that the energy efficiency of the boiler is around 90%. This means they waste only 10% of the energy going into them. But if your boiler has a low energy rating, it means that the efficiency may be 70% or even lower. This not only adds unnecessary cost to your bills but is also bad for the environment.

5.Makes noise

A general humming noise is okay and not something worth paying attention to. But once the boiler noises cross over to loud buzzing or screaming levels, it’s time to look into the matter. The culprit can be broken fans or water pumps and it’s almost inevitable that the boiler will completely break down in some time.

These were the clear-cut reasons which act as convenient excuses to go for a boiler replacement. If one or more of these signs match your boiler situation, you know it’s time to go for it.

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