Accurate & Stress Free Vera Temp Non-Contact Thermometer

Cold and flu season is getting started. I don’t know about you, but I’ve stocked up on hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and am now vigilant about wiping down my shopping carts when we go shopping. My only complaint about fall!!  And while we mostly stay healthy through the winter, it’s inevitable that the bug strikes our house at least once! I feel so bad when Peanut gets sick. His little nose runs constantly and he looks like he has shoe laces dangling from his nose! And that little cough just kills me. When he is off his game, it’s extra hugs and kisses, snuggle time, and he usually gets his way more. But I can tell you one thing I really hate when he is sick. Taking his temperature!! It’s just plain mean!! He HATES having it done under his arm, is too young to keep it in his mouth, and is now too old for rectal. (I was lucky and last year he didn’t mind the rectal method as much as he did under his arm.) Not now.

I haven’t tried, but I just know it wouldn’t fly!! I don’t know what it is… maybe  because it’s cold and hard and under such a sensitive spot as the armpit, but trying to take a young kiddo’s temp when they are sick is probably akin to torture for them!!…I’m only half kidding on that statement!!  Well, I just found something that has completely solved this problem. The Vera Temp Non-Contact Thermometer. It is a LIFE SAVER!! This thermometer is awesome and is REAL Mom Recommended! It is super easy to use. Just hold it 2-3 inches from the forehead, push a button (you don’t have to hold it or anything!) and you instantly get an accurate temperature reading! No more struggling with torturing armpits, and no having to wake your poor sick kiddo up in the middle of the night if you need to get a reading. That is the best part!!!  So how does this thing work?

The VeraTemp uses the energy a person’s body emits to accurately measure one’s temperature. The VeraTemp is able to do this with an external temperature probe that is located on the device, which permanently analyzes and registers the ambient temperature of an individual. Once the device is activated the measurement is taken instantly by detection of the infrared heat generated by the arterial blood flow. This heat is an invisible field that can be thought of as a “pillow of heat”. The device is not taking the reading off the surface of the forehead but the “pillow” of heat radiating from the forehead. Taking a child’s temperature has never been easier. It’s so easy and effortless that you can take your child’s temperature without even waking them. No more struggling with other uncomfortable and invasive thermometers. The VeraTemp thermometer is silent and accurate.

All it takes is the press of a button, and an instant reading will appear. The back lit LED screen makes it convenient and easy to read. The VeraTemp Thermometer is clinically proven to be as accurate as both ear and rectal thermometers.  This state of the art medical device was developed with accuracy as its number one priority. VeraTemp provides you with the comfort of using an approved medical device at a time when reliability is essential. The non-contact feature helps decrease the chance of having germs transferred between individuals, providing a safe and hygienic way to take a your child’s temperature. Any physical contact with a sick individual increases your chance of contracting their illness. Help protect your loved ones by eliminating cross contamination between yourself and them. There is something else that is great about the VeraTemp. In addition to taking body temperature, it also will tell you the room temperature and surface temperature of any object.

Just in case you don’t know if something is safe to touch…. grab the VeraTemp! I had fun playing with these two features, testing all sorts of items.  It would really come in handy for testing the temperature of bath water, or the car on a really hot summer day! The VeraTemp is really easy to use. I did read through the manual, which is thankfully short, but I was also able to navigate it without reading anything! The only thing I will say about this particular thermometer is be aware that a normal reading will be less than what you would expect normal to be for both rectal and axillary (armpit). I took a reading BEFORE I read the info and was wondering why everyone at my house was running low! Duh!) This makes sense because the surface of the forehead is cooler and exposed to air. There is a handy card that tells you what range is normal for all three methods, so it’s super easy to understand if you are in the normal range. There is also a convenient back light that is green, if you are in normal range, yellow, if slightly elevated, and red if the temp is high, like over 100.4. Very user friendly! The VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer is available online through Amazon or these other online and National retailers. And besure to click here for a $2 rebate!

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