7 Red-line Situations You Should Avoid in Your Property Inspection Report

Your Property Inspection

It’s great that you have already hired an expert to get your property thoroughly inspected before putting in on the market. However, are you aware of what you should look out for in the process? Well, probably not, and this is where we come to your rescue.

Your buyer will demand to check the inspection report before making the final call, and when several issues pop up, you know it’s not going to end in your favor. The purchase and sale of a property is never a child’s play, and you must treat the matter with such graveness. Having said that, take a tour of the post below to uncover seven red-line situations that can ruin a good sale for you. Read on!

Inferior draining systems

Blocked drains and gutters can lead to foul smell around the house, along with spreading various diseases. Such a scenario clarifies the presence of an inferior draining system. It can further lead to water ingression. Read on the next point to understand the severity of damage that water can cause your home.

Water stains

If you aren’t keeping a close watch on your property, then you won’t even realize when water becomes the biggest enemy of your building’s structural integrity. Water can easily seep into your home and ruin the composition from inside without you finding out until the damage is done. Water stains or big patches on the walls are proof of the same. Keep an eye out for spalling and mold in the basement or roof and get it treated as soon as possible.

No ventilation in the attic

A defective or broken roof can ruin a profitable deal for you in seconds. It’s crucial that the roof is free from any worn surface materials and mold. Well, for that to happen, the attic must be sufficiently ventilated. Opposite of the same can cause damage to the shingles and various other issues too.

Loose wiring

Loose wiring will not only lead to frequent power cuts but also present itself as a significant health threat for the buyer’s family. In case you are aware of any such loose wires lying around, get them fixed right away before the NJ home inspection.

Mediocre roof

Poor roof conditions can be the stumbling point of the deal for any buyer. Considering that it is one of the most pricey repairs to run in a home, buyers and inspectors will pay a great deal of attention to this particular aspect. Worn out surfaces or water seepage can considerably reduce the quality and life of the roof, so make sure that there is nothing much to find in this respect.

Faulty electrical and plumbing systems

Whether it’s the boiler heating systems or the fuse box, faulty electrical and plumbing systems can cost you a fortune when it comes to repairs or new installations. Keeping that in mind, check for leaks, pipe damage, toilet conditions, and more for plumbing systems. As for the electrical ones, check the complete house wiring, sockets, and appliances to figure the repair and replacement estimates.

Low to no maintenance of the property

Have you been lazy with the upkeep of your property? If yes, then losing a great sale can be the cost of it. Nobody wants a poorly maintained property because a lot of work and money goes into keeping it in good shape. That’s precisely why sellers pay a great deal of attention to the overall condition and maintenance of the property., and so should you!

Now that you are informed and well aware of the significant substandard conditions which will surely catch the home inspector’s eye, get them fixed before the actual inspection to leave a good impression on the buyer.

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