5 Interesting Facts About Your Illinois Roof

A roof is one of the first aesthetic parts of a home people notice when passing by. You might consider it just a part of the structure of your home, but roofs in the Prairie State have a lot to brag about.

There are some interesting, fun facts about your Illinois roof.

The right type of roof protects your Illinois home from extreme conditions like hail, heavy snow, and rain. Illinois roofs also help with energy efficiency. Some types keep your home warm during the cold season.

That means less demand from your home’s HVAC system. 

You might think you know everything about your roof. Keep reading to learn five interesting facts about your Illinois roof.

1. All Roofs Are Not Made for Illinois Climates

Although there are different types of roofs, not all of them work in different climates. That includes roofing material as well.

For example, a roof for a Florida home needs to withstand high winds, storms, and heat. Clay, slate, concrete, metal, and wood would work best in this area. Illinois homes, on the other hand, rely solely on durability.

Tile, metal, and slate roofs would last longer and be more cost-effective. 

2. Your Roof Could Save You a Lot of Money 

Cold weather puts a lot of demand on a home’s HVAC system. Thy system gets less rest time from working to keep the house at a decent warm temp.

You can protect the HVAC system and your pockets by installing the right roof. Energy-efficient roofing protects the environment and lowers utility costs. Contact a roofing specialist in your area to discuss the best options for your home.

Learn more about that here. 

3. Shingles Don’t Make Every Roof

Shingles are still relevant, but that’s not what’s on every roof in Illinois. Today’s roofs are more than just wood covered by shingles. 

There’re more than nine different types of roofs used for modern and aged homes. 

4. The Condition of Your Roof Could Stop You From Selling It 

There’s no such rule as install it and forget it when it comes to a roof on a home. The condition of your roof affects the value of your home and the sales price.

As your home ages, so does the roof. If you let it get too faulty, you won’t be able to sell your home. Inspect your roof regularly for damage and to know when to replace it.

5. New Roof, Bigger Profit

As soon as you notice any type of significant damage to your roof, replace it right away. Doing so increases the value of your home, helping you sell it for a higher price.

Most buyers aren’t into purchasing fixer-uppers. They’ll pay a higher price for a home with a new roof.

Pick the Right Illinois Roof 

Your Illinois roof can make or break your pockets. Find out all the available roof types in your area. Choose the one that brings more value to your home. 

Let us share more information like this with you about your home. Take a peek into our lifestyle guide for all things home and more.

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