How Cladding Provides a Facelift to Your Home?

Cladding without a doubt can uplift the appearance of your house. They can go easy on your bank balance and also with the new varieties of materials you can get a royal at the same time elegant look to your house. It does not just spruce up your house but also good with insulating during extreme weather conditions. Here are some types of cladding and how it will give a facelift to your home. 

1. Metal cladding

You can do metal cladding to your house for a smooth and ripple effect. Metal and aluminum awnings from Brisbane are some good quality material for cladding. Metal cladding with a high gloss and proper finish. They can be used for a single highlighted part or even the whole exterior. Either way, it gives a designer look to your modern home. They are made of completely recycled materials. 

2. Timber

Timber is the most natural type of cladding. They are treated before cladding for minimizing the maintenance needed after installing. This gives a classic look to your home and with different shades of paint, you can contradict the color and leave a smooth finish. 

3. Vinyl

Vinyl looks similar to wood because of the provision custom paint them. They come in wide varieties with a super smooth finish. Vinyl has replaced timber over the years because of its easiness to maintain. They just need to be washed to clean spotlessly. They also provide insulation to your homes during winters and summers. They are well known for their durability and enhanced noise. uPVC or vinyl cladding comes with a validity of up to 50 years. 

4. Cement cladding 

This is the cheapest cladding you can install is cement cladding. They are time-consuming to apply on the walls. These can be painted with any color of your choice. Fresh paint can give a facelift to your home. This can stay for 5 to 10 years. 

5. Glass cladding

Glass cladding gives the ultimate modernized and trendy look to your home. It can be installed just like your glass windows. They also have a minimum or low maintenance work to be done on them. They can give you a natural look. It blends with the surroundings and makes your home look so close to nature. 

6. Stone cladding

A thin derived stone-like material called stone veneer is used for stone cladding. The pigment and cutting given to it make it look like the stone itself and gives a modern and traditional look combined. Stone walls give an instant facelift and the traditional touch is much more attractive. They can be installed easily and do not need any maintenance. 

Some of the major benefits of cladding are

  • Weather insulation for extreme conditions. The cladding provides insulation to your home with which your interiors can stay in normal temperatures. 
  • Enhance noise reduction. Due to the insulating properties of cladding, it can reduce the outside noise entering the house. 
  • Easy to install even on used uneven surfaces. Experts claim they can install cladding easily on exteriors. The installation labor can be expensive but later you do not have to worry about reinstalling.
  • It can save power charges depending on how much insulation the cladding can provide to your house. The temperature inside will be regulated and bearable so that we do not use the air conditioning or the heaters much during bad weather. This can save our money in power bills and water usage bills during extreme cold or hot conditions 
  • Cladding can have a long lifespan for more than 50 years. The companies which give this type of warranty provides high-end materials which do not fade due to overexposure to the sun and does not crack due to aging. 
  • Less expensive maintenance. Vinyl cladding just needs a wash as maintenance yearly. Glass needs cleaning liquids to clean and stone cladding can also be maintained neatly with some mild soapy liquid as a cleaner. 

External wall cladding materials provides an extra layer of protection to the wall which makes your walls double strong and safe during an event of a disaster.

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