A Thank You Untold: New-Home Gift For Your Loving Parents

Finally, a new home at Ontario for your parents! Within your heart you know that it is the right place for them to settle in. With age catching up, medical facilities is the first thing that comes to mind, and you are relieved that Ontario, amongst all the Canadian provinces, has the highest number of medical facilities. With recreational facilities for the elderly, Ontario is also the ideal place for the senior citizens to actually ‘live’ their life to the fullest.

Yes, there was this initial glitch in your mind about whether the home was good enough or safe enough for your parents or not. But when an excited Dad informed about the very reliable pre purchase inspection by TM Inspections, it left no room for doubt. Dad had even shared the inspection report and it was astounding to see the astounding professional quality of the report. The group headed by Travis Martin, who is himself graduated from the New Construction Inspection Training Program under the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI), covers every aspect of home inspection. And the best thing is the inspections are as per the standards of practice and code of conduct of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI). The report that they send was in such simple, easy-to-understand language as well!

Tips to buy the perfect gift on new home purchase of parents:

Phew! Now that the worries are over, the little boy in you wants to think of a lovely gift for your parents on this occasion. So, what would be an ideal new home gift for your parents?

  • Home Décor: Now that the checking as per home inspection in ocoee fl rules is complete, it is just a matter of time before they move in. A gift in home décor would definitely make them happy. Think of amazing curtains and matching cushions. Yes, mummy loves blue while Daddy is always the grey person. So, gift them two sets – one in each colour. In order to add to the collection of home décor, you can add along a beautiful hand-painted flower vase. As mummy would insert the vibrant lilies inside she would remember the little boy who would help her do that when he was a child.
  • Kitchen Appliances: Yes, they might be having many kitchen appliances they are already having but as they are moving to a new home, it is time to discard many old ones and opt for new appliances. It is the perfect time to give them kitchen gadgets that are easily operable and is compatible for their ageing fingers. However, do be careful to not discard an item that they are nostalgically attached to – their first electric kettle or may be grandmother’s oven. If you are planning to gift them kitchen appliances, it is wiser to discuss with them and gift so that it does not become a sensitive issue for them. “Somehow the cake baked in this oven doesn’t quite taste like the cake baked in my mother’s old one”, would be the last thing you would want to hear from your Dad, won’t you? So, it would be safer to ask them if they would need any new kitchen gadget.
  • Hobby Equipments: If you think they mostly have things that may be required for their new home, try gifting hobby equipments that would keep them happy and engaged. If your father loves gardening, try gifting a gardening set. The next time that you drop in, cherish his excited look as he would lead you through his fresh blooms – Iris, Aster, Columbine, Holly. Gift your mother the embroidery kit she always longed to have. Revel at the exquisite patterns she would create during her past time.
  • Gifting Comfort: It is the time for comfort for them. It is the time they should enjoy the sunset while sitting in their balcony with a cup of coffee each. Why don’t you make their comfort more comfortable? Offer to gift them soothing rocking chairs. If you feel the cot that they use is not comfortable enough, offer to replace it with a new one. If their old television doesn’t work well for their eyes, try gifting a new one that is suitable for the aged. With age, comes problems in mobility and memory. Automation devices for the home that helps to control multiple systems from a single device just with the help of a few clicks or taps, is something that your parents would absolutely love and surely appreciate.

All these are only little tips that you can use to guide yourself into buying the best gifts like wedding anniversary gift , christmas gifts etc. But the best gift that you can gift them above all this is your precious time. Gift them days and moments. Take them around the place – even if it is for the umpteenth time; and listening to your childhood stories for the hundredth time all over again. Nothing else would perhaps make them happier than this!

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