Win Cash Without Gambling! {Reel Cash Critters #Review}

Although I am a stay-at-home mom now I still have a job. I work as on on-call administrative services secretary at a treatment center for at-risk adolescents. I love it. I have been there for 5 1/2 years now.  Not only is it a great company to work for but I love my job and the kids there. Even though the job is busy and there is a lot of things going on, there are definitely some down times. Some of the girls in this position bring homework to do, others read a book, but not me. I like to dink around on the internet. That is something I never get to do. Normally I just get on to blog, check my email, and occasionally catch up on a tv show. Have you ever tried to just surf the web? It is kind of hard. You have to think of something to surf for. Most of the time I search for free games to play online. You know something that will keep my occupied but something I can stop and answer a phone call in the middle of.  I also want something that I have to think about but not so hard that I feel like I am burnt out afterwards.

Gamesville is the perfect free online game site!! They have every style from bingo to casino to cards to word puzzles.  They are free to play. I mean you just sign up for a free account and off you go!  In fact right now, if you sign up with your free account Gamesville will gift you 10,000 GV’s (Gamesville money). One of my favorite games to play is Reel Cash Critters. It is a slot machine style game. You just use your GV’s to place your bets and then spin those reels.  Win like you do on a slot machine…with one exception, the Spin-O-Matic. If you get three or more Spin-O-Matic’s in a row you get to spin the wheel.  Whatever symbol you land on will determine at what pay scale you will will be rewarded GV’s. It is like a little extra bonus!!  Not only is the game fun to play but cash prizes are awarded at random in sums from $5-$10 in $1 increments!!!  Who doesn’t want to win money, for free, and without gambling!!??  I do!

You win some, you lose some.  Have no fear though. If your GV’s get low just go play some other games, rack them back up, and play again. The more you play the more times you have a chance to win moolah!!  Fun and addicting! I also like to play Three-Eyed Bingo.  It is just like bingo but you have to win on three cards to actually win.  You can win up to $3, 333 in cash so that makes it even more fun to play. If you sign up for a Gold Membership ($24.95/year) you can play without ads, commercials, or banners. Plus, the other games that have cash prizes (Catchup Coverall, Magic 21, and Quick-draw Poker) if you win you get DOUBLE the jackpot!!! I received a Gold membership for the next year. I am excited because I am loving this site. I like having something to do when I need to kill time at work but I also like jumpin gon my computer for 5 minutes and just quickly seeing if I can win some cash! Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am hoping to win the big jackpots!! This really is a fun website where you can turn your brain off and just have fun. Go to Gamesville and signup today for your free account and 10,000 GV’s!

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