Why Mold Inspection, Sewer Inspection, and Radon Testing Are Important During Property Inspection

In a recent piece, we talked about what home inspectors are looking for when performing a property inspection. In a recent article, we discussed what home inspectors don’t look for when they are performing property inspection.

We offer some services that aren’t included in the typical home inspection report. The cost of these services is higher, but they are worth it because the trouble that can be avoided down the road. We’ll show you how we can assist in making the best decision possible when buying a house.

Sewer Line Inspections

Even though sewer lines may seem strong when installed, they are susceptible to many problems. Tree roots can get into any line with a joint in their search for water. Uneven compacting of soil beneath the pipe can cause it to collapse and lead to a sewer backup. There are also problems with the things that people have been putting down the sewers for 10, 50 or 100 years.

Sewer backups are one of the worst things that could happen to your home. They can also be a serious health risk. A new sewer line can also be expensive and cause damage to your property, especially the front lawn. An inspection of the sewer line can tell you if any issues are possible so you can decide if you need to replace it.

Mold Inspection

Molds come in thousands of different types. Molds are harmless in nature and part of decomposition. Black mold is dangerous when it starts to grow in your home. Its toxins can enter the HVAC system, and then spread throughout the home. These spores may cause respiratory problems, allergies, and neurological problems for some people. Conducting a home mold inspection is essential to identify and address any potential mold issues.

Mold mitigation can be a challenge for houses with black mold. Hire a mold inspector before buying a house to find out if it has a problem.

Radon Testing

Radon gas is produced when the natural uranium found in soils breaks down. It is invisible, odorless and tasteless.

It’s not harmful to anyone when it dissipates into the air. The problem is that houses can trap radon, which over time can lead to lung cancer. radon, in fact, is the second most common cause of lung cancer behind smoking. This is a serious problem and all houses should be checked for it prior to purchase. You will almost certainly be able negotiate radon mitigation in the contract if radon is detected. You’ll at least know about the issue and will be able take care of the problem after you move in.

Do Not Ignore The Possibility Of Problems

These three services mold test, radon testing, and sewer inspection all play a major role in deciding which house to buy. Making a wise investment requires that you are aware of any problems. These issues can all be addressed in one way or another, which will make your dream home even more attractive.

Do not be afraid to hire a home inspector who is certified. You might want to purchase the home and then fix any problems later. Ignorance is not bliss, especially when toilets begin to back up with years of waste from previous owners. These services will identify any problems, and you can save money by having current owners fix the issue before you purchase.

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A house inspection will be required by your mortgage lender if you are about to buy a home. The additional services that we provide can help you avoid headaches and heartache down the line, by ensuring your dream home doesn’t become a nightmare. Morrell Inspection Services LLC can provide you with a home inspection as well as other services. Contact us today.

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