What to Know Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

Carpets and rugs can look new again with a good cleaning. Cleanliness extends the life span of carpets and improves indoor air quality. Are there food residues, muddy footprints or pet stains? Look for a carpet cleaning in Langley with a reputation for providing excellent service at an affordable price.

You can do a few things to make sure you get the best deal. Begin by searching for qualified carpet cleaners in your area. You will get the best carpet cleaning experience if you follow these steps.

Before you hire a professional carpet cleaner

Your choice of company will determine the quality of your carpets or rugs. The best rug cleaning companies use high-quality equipment. They also employ skilled technicians. All stains will be removed from your carpet by the technicians.

Poor handling techniques, such as poorly mixed chemicals and poor brushing, can cause permanent damage. Poor practices are something you want to avoid.

It is important to obtain accurate quotes, verify the company and ask questions before hiring a cleaner. It is important to ensure that the cleaners are properly trained and have all the necessary equipment (including cleaning machines).

Get accurate quotes for your carpet cleaning project

You’re already on the right track if you have all of your details in place before you reach out to companies for a quote.

These variables will help you give the technician as much information as possible about your expectations.

Square Feet of Clean

Prices for carpet cleaning at home are often quoted per room, or by the “area”. This is not as accurate as the square foot. Some companies may consider more rooms to be part your home than you do. The company may charge you for two rooms in what you see as one space.

You can use these stains to your advantage

Consider which areas or stains in your carpet require extra attention. Do not ignore carpets that are just looking dingy. You should also be aware that your mother-in-law spilled Pinot Noir on your carpet last Thanksgiving.

Your Timeline

A typical time to clean one room is 20 min, but this can vary. This depends on how many furniture you have to move and the cleanliness of your carpet.

If only one area needs to be cleaned, you will need to reserve a portion of your day. If the entire house requires carpet cleaning, the cleaners will be on site all day. The company will allow 6 to hours for drying any room.

These factors will help you get at least three estimates from cleaners. It is important to discuss pricing with each cleaner to understand their pricing.

Refer to the references and qualifications of the carpet cleaning company

You should verify the credentials and read reviews of any carpet cleaning company you consider hiring. These are ways to ensure that the company you hire is legitimate

Examine Industry Training and Certifications

Ask about the training of technicians at your company. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, the most well-known school for cleaning and restoration, offers a Carpet Cleaning Technician Certificate.

Find the Carpet Cleaning Company’s Reviews and Experience

Experience is more important than formal education. Knowledge can only be gained through hands-on experience. For customer reviews, check out the company’s history online and on social media sites such as Facebook.

Ask your neighbors and friends about their past experiences and who they used. You’ll be happier if they are happy.

Are They Insured and Have a Carpet Cleaning License?

You should verify that the company you are contacting is licensed in your area. This information can also be found on the local government websites.

Also, it is a good idea inquire about the company’s insurance. Standard coverage includes worker’s compensation and liability.

Questions to ask your carpet cleaner

Asking relevant questions will help determine the quality of your carpet’s final product during the hiring process. Here are some questions to ask:

What is included in the cleaning service?

These five cleaning methods should be included in the minimum service:

1. Dry soil removal vacuuming thoroughly to remove any dry substances from carpet fibers

2. Soil suspension: Removes soils using a high-quality, pre-treatment substance

3. Soil extraction ( steam-cleaning ).: Removes soil from carpets with a steam cleaner, also called hot water extraction.

4. Grooming: Removes mats and distributes cleaning chemicals throughout the carpet

5. Drying: Carpet should be dried for at least six to eight hours

Is the price quote inclusive of special treatment?

These companies can remove pet stains and treat high-traffic areas. They also offer pre-treating for carpet protection. Companies often offer these extras at an additional cost.

Are You able to move my furniture?

Unless you request it, carpet cleaning usually does not include furniture moving.

Do You Want to Finish the Cleaning with a Low or Neutral pH Treatment?

Many carpet cleaning companies use high pH cleaners. These cleaners clean carpets well, but dirt attracts them and causes them to re-soil quickly, creating a sticky or gritty sensation. High pH levels can damage carpet fibers and decrease its lifespan. Ask the technician if he will lower or neutralize pH levels after cleaning.

Are You Able to Guarantee Your Work?

A good carpet cleaning company should offer a guarantee. You should be aware that stains can return or new problems may develop. Ask about the warranty’s time limit so you know when to call in case something goes wrong.

Hire a carpet cleaner

Get everything in writing before service begins. It should be in accordance with your expectations and plans. You might add a clause that you will not pay for the job until it is complete and satisfied with the result.

When Your Professional Carpet Cleaner is done

The carpet cleaning company will send the final bill. If there are any new problems after carpet cleaning, let the company know immediately. The company will assume that the spot is brand new if you wait.

It is not common to tip carpet cleaners. If you are grateful for the work, tip the technician between $10 and $20. You can also leave reviews on review sites and social media.

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