What Is Your Favorite Thing About Easter? #HOPParty

When Easter rolls around, I get very excited. The weather starts to turn warmer. The grass starts to look greener. The neighborhood starts to come alive with mommy’s and babies out on walks. What do you love about Easter? My favorite thing about Spring is having the opportunity to get out into the fresh outdoors. I absolutely love the fresh air, the sunshine, and the warm weather activities. It means afternoon, evening walks, swimming in the pool, going to the park, and even going out camping.

My Favorite Things about Easter are:

Decorating Easter Eggs-I love getting creative. I don’t get to be creative that often so any excuse, I take. I get out the fun markers, sparkles and glitters. We dip them in coloring and then decorate away. We then display them on the counter and as we decorate more of them.When I was a kid we used to leave them out on Easter eve and the Easter bunny would hide them in the backyard. Now that I think about it that’s kind of gross. Boiled eggs sitting outside all day for us to find them. I am surprised we didn’t get sick eating them. LOL. Sometimes we would find them months later. YUCK! No, we didn’t eat them when we found them later on. Now, I hide the plastic eggs for my kids. They love it. Easter Egg Hunts-Every year Grandma throws an Easter egg hunt for the kids. She fills eggs with nickels and dimes and candy and hides them all over her large yard. The kids go nuts!!!

Filling the Easter baskets for the kids-I love picking out fun chocolates and treats for their baskets. Once our children get older we are going to start hiding their baskets and make them search for them on Easter morning. Easter Dinner-Can I just say YUMMY! Ham and potatoes and oh-so sweet treats. I absolutely love candied yams and Easter wouldn’t be Easter without them. We get together as a family and have a big dinner. It’s so much fun. My little guy absolutely loves Easter because it means that it’s SPRING. He is a backyard nut. He would live out back if I would let him. He only comes to the door for a drink or snack. He plays, plays, plays. He takes his rolling dump truck out back along with our dog and they play all day. So what do you like most about Easter? Spending time with family? Easter Chocolate? Make sure you check out the new movie HOP that rolls into theatres April. We can’t wait to see it! I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Hop blogging program, for a gift card worth $25. For more information on how you can participate.


Hollie is the owner and coordinator of Real Moms Real Views. She loves spending time with her family which consists of her handsome hubby and three kiddos. Her loves: the smell after it rains, red nail polish, being pampered, chick flicks, and molten chocolate lava cake!

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