Tummy time toys

Tummy time toys

Babies under 6 months old should have tummy time. For a short time, tummy time should be started soon after birth.

Tummy time As babies learn to lift their heads, it helps them build muscle strength in the necks. It also helps them to spend time on their bellies. Develop gross motor power. Tummy time toys and other toys that can be used to help with milestones such as crawling and rolling over are great for helping children reach these milestones.

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Infantino’s 2-in-1 TummyTime & Seated support is a flexible, comfortable and versatile tummy time and seat combination that toddlers and young babies can also use. The Sassy Floor Mirror is a great mirror toy for keeping babies engaged and happy while they are on their stomachs.

Many babies love tummy time. Others hate lying on their stomachs. Choose toys with musical sounds, mirrors, rattles, and other squeaky items to make tummy-time fun and entertaining. Some tummy toys can be attached to strollers, while others can be converted to a seat for your baby.

We looked for toys that encourage babies to use their stomachs. We also checked safety as infants can use tummy toys. We also evaluated whether the tummy toys could grow with your baby’s development as they age.

These are the top tummy toys available today, based on our reviews.

Best Overall: Infantino 2-in-1 Seated Support & Tummy Time

We love this tummy time toy because of its versatility and suitability for babies from birth through 18 months. You can mold the Infantino 2-in-1 toys into different shapes to suit your baby’s needs. The infants will love the soft fabric toy that unfolds like a snake. It provides tummy support and helps develop neck muscles and the head. It also has a BPA-free teether and detachable mirror crinkle toys to encourage babies to grasp and reach.

The convertible toy can be stacked to create a comfortable and supportive chair for your baby as they gain strength. The gender-neutral design and the fact that it doesn’t require assembly has been appreciated by parents.

Best Floor Mirror: Sassy Tummy time Mirror

Mirror toys for babies can be a clever way to keep your baby entertained while they are on their stomachs. This toy can be used until they can sit up. This sturdy, elegant easel-style toy has a large true reflection mirror that helps your baby see clearly and encourages vision development.

The mirror is not the only toy. There are also high-contrast toys such as a ladybug and a ball that can be used for tactile exploration and peekaboo. The mirror is so engaging for babies that it makes tummy time more enjoyable. Reviewers were amazed.

Best with music: Fat Brain Toys rock ‘n roller piano

This xylophone is colorful and has rolling wheels. It sounds similar to ringing bells, so children will love playing tunes. The musical toy is great for tummy time. It’s well-made, makes pleasant chimes (no need to use earplugs), and has vibrant colors. This toy comes with a mallet that is suitable for older babies but should not be used by younger babies.

Best Visual: Teytoy Tummy time Floor Mirror

Babies respond to the stark contrast between white and black colors as they develop their vision. The high-contrast mat will keep your child’s attention while they have tummy time and increase engagement. This mat is lightweight and can be placed in either a triangle or flat position on the ground to stimulate your baby’s tummy.

The mat can be attached to a car seat’s back, headrest, crib, car seat, stroller or car seat so that your baby can play while you are moving. The mat has a large mirror and various attached toys that can be touched and textured.

Best Electronic: Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station

This pick will keep your baby entertained during tummy time if they like bells and whistles! This u-shaped light-up and musical bar are easy to activate and fun for children. Just place your baby within the activity bars and let them explore.

There are three modes, including colors, animals, and xylophone. You can also change the language to English or French. The activity bar is easy to clean and requires three AA batteries, which are provided.

Best Portable: MAGIFIRE Baby Water Mat

Although it might not appear that a 27×21-inch mat can be carried, this one is. The tummy water mat inflates quickly to its full size, and the mat folds up when it is not in use. This mat is perfect for traveling, visiting friends, or simply folding away.

A durable, leak-proof mat will allow your baby to engage in water play with you without getting wet. Place the baby on the mat or near the edges of the mat so that they can reach the surface. The mat is loved by babies and parents who love it for their older children.

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