Top 3 Volume Lash Problems And The Ways To Fix Them

In case you’re planning to offer volume lashes as a part of your services, you can easily attract clients who want luxurious & lush lashes, along with a darker, fuller lash line. Hence, learning the ideal volume lash application techniques can assist you in providing a perfect application each time. If the eyelash extensions are applied incorrectly, then they will fall out quickly, leading to your client experiencing an uneven & unflattering look. 

Unless you want the above-mentioned situation to take place, it’s essential to know the primary problems you can face with volume lashes and how you can solve them. 

Volume Lash Issues & Their Respective Solutions

  1. Lash Placement Is Poor

According to a reliable service provider offering eyelash extension training classes in Erlanger, placement is one of the primary aspects that you must take care of when it comes to volume lashing. If you incorrectly attach a volume lash that’s not flush or far from the natural lash, then it can lead to poor eyelash retention. 


The ideal way to make your placement correctly is to do more practice. Practice will make your volume lash application perfect, which means you have to invest in proper training classes. 

With the ideal amount of training, you’ll easily learn how you can correctly place lashes close to the natural lash line and how you can double-check the bases so that the volume lash stays flush with the natural lash. Doing so will create a clean lash line and thereby will ensure that the lashes are strongly secured. 

You also have to understand what kind of placement is ideal for each lash type. Placements can be top, side, or bottom, and not all lashes will follow the same placement method. If you’re using the same placement method for all your lashes, then you’ll not be getting the best retention power. 

  1. Overloaded Or Sloppy Lash Line

If the eyelashes are going in different directions, i.e. becoming crisscrossed and not staying symmetrical – then it can pose discomfort for the wearer. Or if the lash line becomes overloaded with too many eyelash extensions, then it can make the wearer’s eyes feel weighed down while also looking unnatural. Such a messy look can happen when the application isn’t done correctly or you haven’t understood 


The only solution to avoid such a problem is to be slow & steady when you’re applying volume lashes. Over time, due to practice, your muscle memory will improve and your speed will increase as well. 

  1. Too Much Adhesive Application On The Volume Lashes

Sometimes too much adhesive application can only make the wearer’s eyes itch & burn, but also feel irritated. Moreover, the eyelash extensions will fall off quickly, in the next two to three days. You must remember that using too much adhesive introduces a negative eye reaction, which damages the natural lash and thus leads to poor retention.


Always try to be mindful about the amount of adhesive you’re trying to apply, so that it’s the ideal amount – not more or less. 

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