Thinking about Hiring a DJ on your Big Day? Well, here’s what you need to Do!

A recently emerged trend for weddings that have come into the picture is the hiring of a wedding DJ. Gone are the days of hand-your-IPhone-to-uncle-Larry-and-plug-in-parties. It’s time to get an official Disk Jockey who is going to keep the crowd screaming and moving their hips to great music. And though the previous option of Uncle Larry was very tempting in matters of saving money, it’s not the best one. There may be hundreds of wedding receptions happening, but the most successful ones are the ones which have a professional DJ in it.

He does this for a living, knows the musical ropes, and will make sure that your guests are never on the way to boredom. There’s nothing against your Uncle Larry, of course! So, your wedding DJ is very vital when it comes to bringing the flow and feel to your wedding day. You would obviously want your guests to have fun and talk good about your wedding for months to come. So, that’s precisely why you need to go for a DJ hire in Melbourne. Starlight DJ is just the one you need on speed dial for that. They cater to various events from weddings to birthdays to anniversaries to formals to proms and many more. They put their heart and soul into making the event a complete success and ensure to play some great tasteful music.

Things to consider and do when you are planning to hire a wedding DJ

How could a couple ensure that their wedding reception is fun for everyone who’s attending? The simplest answer is to hire a DJ, and a good one at that. Don’t skimp on the money, and don’t compromise with the credentials. Your DJ should know and care about what you and the crowd wants and keep connecting with all. So, keep these things in mind while you set out to ensure a great evening of music and dancing:

  • Check venue policies: Many venues actually require a professional DJ as they may have the required sound equipment, systems etc. But what happens if your DJ spills a drink on their expensive soundboard. So, it’s best to hire a DJ who brings in his own stuff, equipment and also, make sure your venue has a reliable internet connection. The DJ needs that if they live stream their music.
  • Check the DJ: The next thing that you should consider is what the DJ is going to bring to the table? He’s going to be the host, the one with the microphone, the one to interact with your guests, and so he should be one with a charming, confident, and friendly personality. He’s the one who sets the mood and a good DJ will know how to read the tastes of the people in the room, and makes sure everyone is involved, from toddlers to grandmas.
  • Ask away: Now, it’s very important that you ask the correct questions to your DJ, and have everything crystal clear and sorted before the big day. Ask them blatantly how and what are they going to charge, by the hour or day or no of songs etc. They should fill in the blanks and prepare the perfect playlist for your guests, and take in requests.
  • Love for music: And lastly, remember how much you love music. If music played a special role in you and your partner’s life, such as coming across each other at a club or concert etc., you should make sure to play some special songs. We all have songs that make us happy, make us move and make us sad. You can’t imagine your favourite movie without a soundtrack right? The same goes for a wedding.

These were some of the main things that you need to consider doing while you are thinking about hiring a wedding DJ. They are God-sent angels who make sure to keep the atmosphere filled with music and love. A huge and by huge, we mean a huge part of your wedding is going to be the music that’s played, so we advise it’s worth your time to find someone you trust more than your Uncle Larry.

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