Things to do Before Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner

Hiring service of professional window cleaners is a wise decision as it comes with loads of benefits. Cleaning windows may seem to be a simple to do task, but to get that spic and span glass, you will have to invest a lot of time and effort. When you hire professional window cleaning service, you not only you’re your time but also spare yourself from performing some of the risky jobs like reaching out to the farthest, or the top mist corners. 

If you want to enjoy nature from indoors, you must hire a residential window cleaning service once in a while. Isn’t it great fun to enjoy the bright clear summer day through a well-cleaned window? While regular cleaning maintains the hygiene, professionals with the training, experienced, and well-equipped materials give you a better-cleaned window.

But, before you hire a professional, it is essential to carry out a few tasks from your end. Thus, you will get the best out of the payment that you make them.

Things to do before you hire a window cleaning service

Safety measures

Though you are not the one who will be doing the job, you must make sure that the company you hire adheres to strict safety measures – the last thing you will want is an accident during the job.  A reputed company will have experienced and well-trained staff, have carefully stated safety rules, and use safety equipment to reach out to the hard-to-reach windows.

Also, ask them about their insurance policies and what all are covered in their contract.

Take Care of Window Blinds 

Windows have a propensity of accumulating dust from the blinds. So, when you hire a professional service, ask them if they clean the curtains or not and if it’s included in their package. If the company’s do not offer the service, remove the blinds, and clean them thoroughly. Or have a word with them and request them to do it as an added service. Whatever arrangements you make, make sure that you get the blinds clean along with the windows.


One primary reason why most of the people opt for window cleaning service is the time taken for this activity. So, when you hire a company, you must discuss the timeliness with them and check their online reviews or speak to other clients to know if they are punctual or not. Do not hire a company who do not stick to their commitments.

Fragile Stuff 

You might have furniture or other decorative items near the window – remove them before the service arrives. It helps in confirming the safety of the professionals and also keeps your things protected. Most companies take the necessary precautions, but accidents can happen anytime, and it is always better to be careful.


Before hiring any company, do a thorough background check. Know as much as possible about them from your neighbours, friends, or online sources. If you are taking the service for the first time, sort list a few companies, take quotations from them, research about them and then decide on the one you want to hire. Quality, timeliness, and safety measures are some of the crucial things which you must consider when trying to learn about the company.

Various Odd Jobs 

Window cleaners are usually equipped with tall and adjustable ladders which help them to reach out to the windows’ topmost and hard to reach corners – both from inside the house and outside. 

Ask them if they provide other cleaning services such as dusting of ceiling fans, cleaning chandeliers, or other tasks like changing lights bulbs. Discuss how much extra they charge for doing these services. 

Consider the Window Screens 

In case you have screens on the outer part of the windows, you will notice that they require more thorough cleaning than the filters which are inside the house. While the interiors can be cleaned with a wet towel or regular equipment, professionals generally use different cleaning solution for outside screens. They are also better equipped with suitable tools and apparatus for a safer and closer reach to the screen.

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