The ultimate interior home inspection checklist to help you choose well


Is your home inspection scheduled to happen in a few days? But, do you have a checklist handy to make sure that nothing is missed out? 

Home inspections can be confusing and even a little overwhelming for someone who is organizing and attending one for the time ever. However, with a detailed checklist, flush all your worries down the drain and prepare to make a wise decision, adding to your financial security. 

To make sure that you don’t leave out on anything with interior inspections, follow the post below and screenshot it for thorough examinations.

Windows and doors

  • Are the windows cracked?
  • Do the doors need replacement due to chipping or bubbling?
  • Are the door joints broken?
  • Is the door making too much noise?
  • Are the window frames infested with termites?


  • Can you spot bubbling or cupping on the floorboard?
  • Are there any stains on the floors?
  • Is the floorboard infected with a termite?
  • Are the tiled floors chipped or broken?


  • Ask your home inspection in Brooklyn NY, to be extra careful with the walls
  • Is the drywall infected with mold?
  • Is the paint chipping?
  • Can you spot water stains?
  • Are the walls straight and leveled in appearance?
  • Are there any significant cracks in the walls?

Attic and basement

  • Is there adequate ventilation in the attic?
  • Any signs of mold?
  • Is the entry in the attic easily accessible?
  • Are there any vents terminating in the attic, making the atmosphere moist?
  • Any signs of dampness or moisture in the attic and the basement?
  • What is the condition of structural integrity in the basement?
  • Are there any signs of termite infestation?
  • Can you spot pest infestation?
  • Is there any water or moisture damage in the basement?


  • What is the condition of the faucets in the kitchen?
  • Is there any pest infestation?
  • How is the sink working?
  • Is there any clogging in the sink?
  • What is the state of the splashbacks?
  • Is the exhaust fan working properly?
  • Are there any leaks in the pipes below the sink?
  • Are the cabinets opening and closing well?
  • Are the appliances and sockets working properly?


  • Is the flush working properly?
  • Do the cabinets need replacement?
  • Is the shower working properly?
  • Is there any element of the bathroom that needs to be replaced?
  • What are the conditions of the drain system and the washbasin?
  • Is there any clogging that needs immediate attention?
  • What is the condition of the bathtub?
  • Are there any stains in the shower spot?

Electrical systems

  • Ask your home inspection in Brooklyn NY, to check the fuse box
  • Are there any broken wires?
  • Is the circuit breaker in good condition?
  • Are there any sockets that need replacing?
  • Are all the appliances working properly?
  • Are there any light fixtures that need replacement?
  • Are there any unprotected cables or wires?
  • Look for signs of overheating
  • Is the HVAC system in good condition or needs repairs?

Plumbing systems

  • Are there any signs of leakage that could lead to flooding?
  • What is the state of all the pipes running around the house?
  • Are there any stains or rust on the pipes?
  • Is the water flow adequate?
  • Is the water pump working efficiently?
  • Do any faucets around the house need replacement?
  • Are the drain systems working properly?

Now that we have broken down the essential aspects of an internal home inspection, all you have to do is keep your eyes open throughout the process. After all, it’s your home, so the responsibility of ensuring detailed analysis lies on your shoulders. Good luck!

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