The Total Bathroom Set! {Hoppop Giveaway}

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hoppop. Where beautifully designed, comfortable baby and toddler products make you wish you were little again. Hoppop products are created with an eye for beauty, a dedication to quality, a passion for design, and a devotion to meaningful innovation. I had the opportunity to recently test out these stylish and very high quality and durable products. We started out with the Bato Baby Bath Tub. I have always disliked bathing my baby in the big tub. I worry about him slipping and falling. So I fell in love with the Bato Bath Tub at first sight.

I simply placed it inside the tub and filled it. No worries, baby is able to sit in it with just a little bit of water and mommy feels so secure using it. It will be perfect for the new baby too once she is able to sit up on her own. Along with the tub we received the Triplo Bath Toy and Pipla Bath Toy. My little guy loves these. He is fascinated with pouring water so these toys are so much fun. He loves to hang the Pipla’s all over the tub wall. Such a clever set of toys for bath time fun! We also received the Monty Step Stool. It was an instant hit with my little guy. He knew just what to do with it when I opened the package. He carries it around the house and turns the lights on and off all by himself.

We keep it in the bathroom and he pulls it up to the counter every morning and evening to brush his teeth, and wash his face. He can now do it all by himself when I used to have to lift him up to do these tasks. I love that it features a non-slip surface so he can use it safely all on his own. He even received his own Zazo Grooming Kit which he can use along with his step stool because he can now see in the bathroom mirror. He feels like such a big boy now thanks to Hoppop and their wonderful products. The next task we are setting out to accomplish is potty training. Hoppop sent us their Donut Potty and I have to say it is wonderful. It is perfect for “little boys”. We have it sitting in the bathroom and my little guy is getting used to the idea of using a “big boy potty”, but I still think we have a few more months before he will feel 100% comfortable potty training.

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