A wild child can cause chaos in the grocery store. Sometimes more discipline is not the best solution. As you respond to your wild child, explore how love, respect, and grace can help you.

It amazes me how quickly we can go from a helpless newborn to a wild, free-spirited toddler. These seem extremes and they are. However, there is a common need that soothes both ends. Your wild child needs you to be loved and tamed.

She was also deaf. Communication was difficult. It was like giving birth to a child who didn’t know English. Instead of teaching her how she spoke, I had to learn her language. God had given her a little extra tenacity. This trait would be a strength that would take her far in her adult years and also exhaust me as her mother.

She reminded me of a wild kitten as a toddler. Adorable. Untamed. She heard nothing but the sounds of my voice.

Although discipline is essential, it should not be overlooked. Sometimes, more punishment is not the best solution to young children’s behavior. It is essential to understand the context behind a child’s behavior. While I don’t advocate blaming children for their bad behavior, it is important to understand the triggers that cause them to act in this way.

Why is my toddler so angry and aggressive?

It was a game-changer when I discovered that deaf children can be aggressive due to frustration with communicating. Her older sister was only two years old and often ignored her communication attempts. This was a familiar scene.

My two-year-old would be lying on top of my four-year-old, trying to hit her, as I listened for the screams, “Get the baby off of me!” from another room.

I could see how her frustration fuelled her anger and helped me tackle the behavior problem on multiple fronts. Although the child screaming for help on the ground was the victim of the conflict, it was necessary to recognize her role in the conflict.

It was a chance to speak with her about patience, listening, and caring for someone younger. And how to avoid being spontaneously attacked.

There is no excuse for violent behavior by the offender. As parents, one of our primary responsibilities is to teach our children how to manage strong emotions. Being deaf is no excuse to hit anyone. It’s not good parenting to take on the responsibility of a child or excuse bad behavior.

Parental kindness is loving and understanding the child’s behavior. We do our best to correct it. Do they have tantrums at 4 p.m. without taking a break? Nap time should be a priority.

Some children’s out-of-control behavior may be due to allergies or other ingredients.

The Red Hulk Wild Child

Food allergies can cause children’s behavior problems. It’s something I have seen many times in scores of children. Helping your child to recognize the signs of a wild child is critical to controlling them.

They will be more likely to avoid certain foods if they are aware of the consequences. Children don’t want to feel out of control. We can help children to see that their diet and sleep are essential to their happiness.

It might surprise you that many processed foods for children are laced with red dye number . It has been found in chocolate pudding mixes. Do not judge by color. You should always read the label if you are concerned about your child’s health.

How can I control my wild toddler?

My secret sauce was promised to you. It’s a straightforward recipe. You can be proactive once you are able to understand the environmental factors that lead to undesirable behavior.

My best method of controlling my wild kitten was making her my friend. Simply because it was simple, it does require time and effort.

Who doesn’t need a good sidekick?

Five children meant that I was overwhelmed with laundry and had to keep an eye on a toddler who was deaf. She became my sidekick.

It was a great way to keep her close to me.

We would all sit together on the floor while sorting laundry. I would make piles. Dark clothes. Light clothes. Red clothes. Clothes for dolls. Doll Clothes.

These conversations led to some great conversations. I would sign “What color?” and she would then figure out the answer. She was rewarded by throwing the item across the room in the correct place. She would quickly run to get it if she was wrong and then throw it in the next pile.

Yes. The process took longer because of this. With a house of entirely young children, there is a lot to do. I get it. My mental shift was the key to unlocking my true potential. My time was not a chore. It was the opportunity to give back to my little girl. It was a game that we loved to play.

You and your sidekick have many things you can do together and discuss. Many household chores you do every day can be used to spend quality time with your child. You might be able to come up with your own ideas. These are just a few.

  • Discuss the colors.
  • Are you referring to a shirt or pants?
  • Is this summer or winter wearable?
  • What number of red clothes do you have? Do you know how many red clothes we have?
  • What should we do next? What next? (Sequencing)
  • Sorting and putting out silverware.

Last Thoughts on Loving Your Wild Child

Our children require more from us than our attention and time. Providing children with opportunities for good behavior is essential in this fast-paced, distracted world. Remember that your love and compassion are the most important things to help your wild child.

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