The Most Popular Types of Paved Driveways that You Should know about

There are no disregards for the intended purpose of driveways if they are done right. Driveways are an aesthetically pleasing asset for your house. Luckily, if you have a competent builder, this goal can be achieved. Though, it should be kept in mind that there is a notable leg work to make sure that you are getting just what you want. What some people don’t directly consider is the huge amount of driveways that can be suited for their home. Well, we are here and we have come up with a list of the most popular driveways that you should know and you should consider while designing a driveway of your own.

  • Concrete Driveways 

These are one of the most favored driveways, proposing a lasting low-maintenance look and performance. Concrete can be dispensed to form sections or patterns, allowing for expansion and contraction of concrete. Driveways paved with concrete are a little lavish when compared to asphalt. The reason is that concrete lasts at least a decade longer than asphalt. Another interesting thing about these driveways is that if you manage to achieve a process of smoothing the wet concrete with the help of trowel, you can own a Stipple Finish Concrete Driveway just like that.

  • Asphalt-Surfaced Driveways 

Despite their short lifespan, asphalt paved driveways are quite celebrated, proposing a sturdy surface for ideal vehicle parking conditions. However, over a certain age of its construction, asphalt paving needs to be recovered, so preservation costs must be considered if you are planning for an asphalt paved driveway. Moreover, asphalt tends to breakdown during rainfall or snowfall. As a result, you should be up for the maintenance as soon as the humidity arrives in the weather. Appropriately constructed asphalt paved driveways have a considerable lifespan of about twenty-five to thirty years.

  • Interlocked Pavers

Interlocked pavers are typically formed from concrete or cement and then are shaped in a way so that they can interlock with similar pavers of the same pattern. This eliminates the inclusion of mortar as interlocked pavers are easy to install. The interlocked pavers make-believe the exterior of cobblestone trails. Significantly, the interlocked pavers are assembled over a hard base to avoid shifting or cracking of pavers or facing gaps between them. Interlocked pavers could be premeditated with color and pattern mixtures to form personalized and special effects. Due to the fact that pavers are porous, you will observe stains over a certain period of time. You might also require pressurized washing to eradicate marks from tires, oils, and similar pollutants.

  • Stamp Concrete Driveways 

Stamp concrete driveways are a considerable substitute to basic concrete paved driveways. Stamp concrete driveways generate the imprint that a diverse type of material is used in the construction of the driveway, for example, brick, stone or any other material of construction. Stamp concrete driveways are constructed by the pressing process. In this, molds are pressed onto the concrete during the settlement time of the concrete. Apart from driveways, stamp concrete could be used on roads, interior floors, and patios. This shows that stamp concrete’s importance in the exterior building trends. Stamp concrete pavements can be availed in different shades and designs, making them the most versatile choice for building driveways.

  • Exposed Aggregate Driveways 

Do you want to know the most trending driveway design? It is exposed aggregate finished driveways. Presenting a huge variety in sized, shades, and colors; exposed aggregate produces an attractive and special driveway that will enrich this part of your place. Exposed aggregate is one of those few evergreen driveway finishes, offering a non-slip impenetrable surface that can endure all thick and thins for nearly a decade with negligible maintenance costs. Exposed aggregate is shaped using superior concrete combinations that pool unique aggregates that are visible on the surface. The driveway finish exposes smooth-surfaced pebble and stones that are part of the concrete structure. This is in contradiction of an even concrete finish in which the exposed surface is mainly composed of the concrete fines; which are tiny concrete particles. 

To conclude, there are lots of driveway finishes available. Your driveway designs would be finalized as per your choice and the amount you are willing to spend!

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