Simple yet effective ways to help you take care of your timber decking

Decking needs special attention and care on an everyday basis. They should always look appealing and well maintained. The decking material is made up of timber has to be protected against many elements. As the wooden material is exposed to harsh conditions, so it is more prone to discoloration and molds.

This issue is more common if the deck is built nearby to the pool area. Decks that are exposed to outdoor soil material can also develop molds and termites. You can search for timber decking in Sydney experts and see how these planks need to be protected.

Professional deck building services will always try and suggest using a composite material that is resistant to harsh weather elements.

Taking care of discoloration issues

In general, discoloration is one of the main issues that you may face for outdoor decks. The timber material, when exposed to sunlight and water, easily loses its natural color and shine. You need to check for discoloration and treat it immediately.

The protective coating of chemical material can help prevent grey formations on the decking planks. If you find pores developing on the top surface, then it has to be treated immediately. Various roofing companies in Sydney specialize in this kind of process in case you are thinking of applying timber decking to rooftops.

Use natural polish

Wooden planks often look more appealing if natural shine has been maintained. You can try and make use of natural wooden polish at least once every few months. You can also hire professionals to get the job done.

The natural polish will help wooden planks maintain its original shine and keep the molds away from the planks.

Dust and dirt

Dust and dirt are usually termed as debris. Over some time, this is a major issue with decking outdoor. So it is important that regular cleaning task has to be performed. In most cases, using water to clean the decking should be avoided.

Once a month, you can also use warm water and soap mix to clean, but be sure the water is allowed to dry naturally.


Wooden decking can easily get degraded over some time. When searching the market you will find chemicals and solvents that prevent degradation of wooden planks. You need to protect the wooden planks against molds, fungus, and debris so it does not get decayed.

The decking has to be exposed to sunlight so it gets dried naturally. Blow-dry techniques in most cases should be avoided.

Stains treatment

Decking is exposed to all types of harsh conditions. You enjoy your family party very often outdoors. There are chances that stains develop on the planks. Regularly you may have to check for these stains and treat them.

No matter what, always ensure that you only eco solvents and cleaning agents that are not harsh on the wood and environment. Avoid using paint material on decking planks, it is damaging.

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