Sprinkle Omega-3′s On Your Salad! {Harold Import Company Blossom Flaxmill #Review}

Flaxseed has been popular amongst health conscience foodies, for a while now, as a source for omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.  I like adding the nutty flavored ground seed to my salads, cereals, and smoothies.  The problem with eating flaxseed is that they pass through our human digestive systems whole, decreasing the amount of nutritional benefit our bodies receive.  When they are ground, their natural oils are released and the body is allowed to absorb them appropriately.  You can buy flaxseed pre-ground, however, I believe it is best to grind flaxseed at every use…..fresh is better in my book.Since flaxseed is so tiny, a traditional blender won’t work, so how do you grind them?  Well, with a coffee grinder or a cool new gadget introduced by Harold Import Company; the Blossom® Flaxmill.is a specially designed grinder has cutting-edge ceramic technology that efficiently crushes seeds and ensures a near 100% crush rate in a way no ordinary grinder can. Blossom® flaxmill features a unique automatic opening and closing base for a mess free table. When the mill is empty, it is easily disassembled for a thorough cleaning. Simply twist the flaxmill, within 30 seconds you can produce up to a tablespoon of freshly ground flax. Because Blossom® Flaxmill is BPA-free most parts can be safely cleaned in on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Harold Import CompanyUsing my Blossom Flaxmill was very easy.  I simply removed the lid, poured some seed in, and began to twist the bottom in a counter clockwise motion.  Crushed flaxseed immediately came out at the bottom of the mill.  The engineering of this mill is fantastic as no seed comes out the windmill shaped bottom unless you’re grinding, allowing the mill to stand up straight when not using it.  Because the grinder portion is made with ceramic technology, there is a near 100% smash rate.  I’ll admit that it seems like you put alot of effort into grinding for the quantity of crushed seed you get out, but you won’t need a whole lot to sprinkle on food.  Besides, it makes me feel like a chef demanding freshness and doing everything by hand!Seed form on left, Crushed flaxseed on rightOnce flaxseed is crushed, it leaves an oily residue which means you have to clean the mill every once in a while.  Instructions are included with the mill that walk you through disassembly step by step.  Although slightly intimidating, I think I’ll be able to manage when the time comes.  Sesame seeds can also be ground with the Blossom Flaxmill.

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