Should you hire a Wedding Car? Well, yes you Definitely Should!

Anybody who has ever planned a wedding will tell you that in between clothes, food, drinks, venue, travel and guests, bills can escalate quite fast. We begin with a list of must haves which throughout the way gets cut down in size. Along the wedding journey, we end up losing certain things that we had marked essential on the list. Yes, it happens, and while some are easier to cross out, some things are left with a question mark. One of those is the decision of hiring a luxury wedding car.

The real question is how much of a wedding experience are you willing to let go of readily? Most of the couples think about sacrificing their own happiness to do things that would leave their guests satisfied. But, you need to keep it in mind that wedding is once-in-a-lifetime experience and if you are never going to walk down that aisle again, it will be your first married kiss, first dance etc. and you should give it your all to make your wedding day as special as it could be. This is precisely why you should make your big day even more special by going for a wedding car hire in London. Take Jag offers a fleet of luxury vehicles on rent for your big day at the best prices. They offer you top-notch service and experienced chauffeurs who will help you arrive in style at your own wedding.

Make your big day even better with a luxury wedding car

Wedding is the most special day for every couple, and they want everything to be perfect, starting from the bridal bouquet to the wedding cortege. For someone, it’s the venue; for some, the food; and for someone, the main thing is the wedding car. Chauffeur service in London is available for your special day; and even though you can just call up a friend who has the nicest car, you will be missing out the chance of arriving in a classic, vintage, or modern wedding car.

  • Exciting and unique: What could be better and more fun than arriving at your own wedding in a luxury car, driven by a chauffeur? It will be one of the grandest entries and all eyes will be on you, quite literally. Make jaws drop, amaze the guests and make an entry like no other. You can choose any posh model or colour and let the car do all the talking.
  • Create memories: You should obviously have great stories to tell your children and grandchildren, and what could be better than showing them pictures of you in a Bentley or a Jaguar looking your best on your best day. Have an amazing photo shoot in front of your dream car and frame your couple picture proudly in the living room. And trust us, people will be talking about your wedding for months, and for all the right reasons.
  • More possibilities: Hiring a wedding car will open up a whole lot of possibilities. You won’t have to worry about keeping the reception venue close to your wedding venue. You can just hop into your luxury car with your love, enjoy the in-built facilities, enjoy the comfort, and in no time you shall be taken to your reception. You can choose to celebrate your reception anywhere you feel like, and take no stress about parking, navigation etc.
  • Comfort: Comfort is all that matters when your bride is in her long and heavy wedding dress and you are in your tight-fitting tuxedo. And of course, after the long wedding rituals, you need a power break, some private quality time with your newly declared husband/wife, and what better than a luxury car! It will take you right to your destination, and make sure you gain all the energy you need to make your way through the rest of the day of smiling at your guests, and making sure everybody leaves contented.

So, these were some of the main benefits of hiring a wedding car on your big day. We would always advise you to find that extra money, and hire that luxury car because the results are guaranteed, a delightful couple, and a wowed party. Try it to believe it!

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