Sharing Moments! {The First Years Home & Away Portable Video Monitor Giveaway}


Welcome to Real Moms Real Views! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or our Daily Email Newsletter on our left sidebar. That way you can keep up on all the goodness going on! Thanks for visiting RMRV!For today’s tech-savvy and Mom, The First Years introduces the Home & Away Portable Digital Video Monitor. Loaded with innovative features, what makes this monitor truly exceptional is its easy PC connectivity with Skype-ready connection. Requiring no additional subscriptions or purchases, Mom can use Skype to view and even talk to baby from any computer with internet anywhere in the world. Also, while connected to the computer Mom can remotely take pictures and record video of baby. Complete with a 3.5”color display, 45% larger than competitors, it provides a secure digital transmission with a 650 ft range. The Home & Away Monitor is not compatible with MAC.We experience so many precious memories each and everyday in our home. From first steps, to first words, the memories are wonderful. I love being a part of every one of them.

The only thing that makes me sad is that my parents live farther away so they cannot see those everyday moments and I want them to see my children as they grow up.Thanks to The First Years Home & Away Portable Video Monitor my family can be a part of these everyday moments in our home. This isn’t your traditional baby monitor that you place in the kitchen or bedroom so you can see your little one while they sleep. It features Skype ready capability so you can use it as a webcam. Now I don’t have to hook up a webcam to my computer just to share a moment. I can use the baby monitor that is right in my child’s room. So while they are playing grandma and grandpa can be a part of all the fun. Now we can share these precious moments with my parents and still use it as an everyday baby monitor. It features a 3.5 inch lcd screen which made seeing my little one crisp and clear and you can even take pictures with it. The feature my hubby loves the best is that it is secure. It features a secure digital transmission with a 650 ft. range. So you can use it all around the house.
I highly recommend The First Years Home & Away Portable Video Monitor as a Real Mom!

Features of The First Years Home & Away Portable Video Monitor

  • Skype ready so you can connect to baby while away or let grandparents check in
  • 3.5 inch lcd screen gives you a large viewing area to see the nursery
  • Take pictures, video and even talk back to your baby
  • Rechargeable, Nightlight
  • 650 Foot Range


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