Santa Messenger the Santa Tracker Kids can Keep Track of Santa

Children everywhere are getting ready for Santa to visit their homes with all the Christmas presents they have been waiting for. They can keep track of how close Santa is to their homes thanks to technology. This week’s app celebrates the holiday and makes it easier for children and adults to find Santa.

Some may be familiar with the NORAD Tracks Santa official website — it was back in the days when the internet was easier to use. You can view Santa’s exact location on the map online, so you can check if Santa is in your vicinity. There’s an app for Android and iOS, too. The tracker is not the only content available. There’s also Christmas-themed content that children can enjoy.

On the main page, you will see a countdown that shows how many hours, minutes and seconds it is until Christmas Eve. You can watch Santa fly across the globe in his sleigh, with all the reindeer accounted for, once midnight strikes. Although the tracker can be accessed through the app, it will still take you to a web browser to view it. It is possible that the update will include it in future updates.

The tracker is somewhat similar to Google Maps for those who have not used it. Zoom in on a country to see where he is at the moment. The top shows you where he is currently located, his current location, and how many gifts have he delivered. To see the different regions of the world that he has visited, you can tap on the camera icons. You can also click on the row of photos taken at places he has visited to see more details.

You can return to the app and tap the main menu in right corner for more activities. You can tap on North Pole to bring up a variety of options, including Theatre, Theatre, Arcade Music, Gift Shop and NORAD Headquarters. Here kids can read Christmas-themed books and play an arcade game. They can also learn more about NORAD. Although the music section is still being added, it’s expected that there will be an extensive library by Christmas next year.

The best thing about the app is the tracker. Children wait all year to see Santa Claus — it’s their right. It’s strangely relaxing to see him travel the world, even as an adult. Yes, I do find myself looking back from time to time to see where he is going next. It’s completely normal.

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