U R Loved

Back in April I told you about a fun new Kickstarter campaign from Love Bottle.  Now I am back to show you the goods!

Love Bottle is a cool new bottle for your water that will leave you feeling special.  “The idea for love bottle was born when a nutrition consultant in San Francisco looked at the emotional and physical health of our country and wondered what she could do to improve it. Because water is our most fundamental need, improving its quality became the obvious answer. Water in a great looking, earth-friendly bottle supercharged with a little love seemed the perfect answer to helping many people in a simple and easy way. The next thing she knew she was starting a company.”

Love Bottle has recently launched their Made in the USA line.  Thanks you a great Kickstarter campaign Love Bottle was able to stop manufacturing overseas and began working with O-I, a US based company, and bring the bottles home.  These new USA Bottles are 100% Made in the USA!!

Made from glass these bottle don’t miss a beat.  A dual color heart on the lid, a raised heart on the bottle, fits in a cupholder, and UR Loved on the bottom.  Every sip will make you feel special and loved.  Check out their new deigns too!


I received two great bottles, Honey and a clear bottle with rainbow bands.  I love both of these bottles.  Being from The Beehive State the Honey bottle is perfect for me.  I love the cool yellow and brown design that is geometrical and fun.  I really like the clear bottle and so does my husband.  He isn’t a showing and decorative guy so plain is perfect for him.  Adding the rainbow bands, all or part, adds so grip, color, and funk to plain.


It is important that we stay hydrated and love our bodies.  Using a glass bottle allows you to make sure is it clean and in good condition each time you use it.  It also keeps plastic water bottles from filling our landfills and polluting our oceans.  Finding a bottle like Love Bottle will not only make you feel cool and edgy carrying it around but every sip you take you will be reminded that U R Loved.  Love the planet.  Love yourself.



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