The Perfect Present For Your LITTLE MR. {Holiday Gift Guide 2015}

Can you believe there are only 7 more Monday’s until Christmas!?  Begin panicking now.  Actually when you stick with Real Moms Real Views you don’t have to panic because we are doing the hard work for you and bringing you the best gifts for everyone in the family.

Let’s kick this year’s Holiday Gift Guide off with the most darling gift for your little men.

Little Mr. sells bow ties that are “secure yet safe, high quality yet affordable, and stylish yet comfortable.”  This patent pending design utilizes the buttons already on the shirt and make wearing a bow tie easy and comfortable for your little one.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about them losing it because it stays in place, unlike other clip on or velcro neckwear.

These bow ties can be used on a polo, a button up shirt, or any onesie that you quickly stitch a button on to.  This fun, trendy, and stylish accessory is sure to finish any look for your little man, especially this holiday season!

My boys received a REALLY AMAZING Little Mr. bow tie.  They both received a Custom Personalized Name Bow Tie.  These bow ties are both size medium (2-5 years) and fit both of them great.  When the package arrived and Beckham saw his name he literally squealed for joy.  He loves seeing his name and spelling it out so he thought it was pretty awesome to see it on a bow tie.

Can I just say that when I see my little boys all dressed up and looking like dapper little dudes I just love them even more.  Bow ties are one of those clothing accessories that can be worn cute and dressy or casual and funky.  I love it.

Both of the boys received navy bow ties with white crisp lettering.  Little Mr.  has 171 different colors to choose from for the background and text though so you can really customize it to your liking.  These bow ties are available in newborn to men’s.  These would make great presents for any male and any occasion…baby shower present, birthday of any age, graduation, groomsmen, and especially CHRISTMAS!!!  These bow ties are unique, creative, and usable–the best characteristics of a present.

My boys wore their bow ties to church and everyone, seriously EVERYONE, who saw them commented on how cute their bow ties were.  I even had one mom tell me she liked seeing what my boys wore to church because it gave her ideas on how to dress her new little guy.  Well, these bow ties are a must have!!  They look great.  Stay on without any issues.  My boys never touch them.  They are totally unique and all theirs!

Little Mr. is Real Mom approved and recommended this gift giving season!



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