Peace on Earth and Peace of Mind {Holiday Gift Guide 2015}

I thing I love about doing reviews is sometimes I am looking for a product myself but never know which one to buy.  Then I work with a company and realized that I am glad I didn’t go with something else because THIS was the perfect solution to my problem and I didn’t even know about them.  Drobo is one of those companies.


Drobo is a great solution to your technology storage dilemma.  This isn’t your typical external hard drive though. “Drobo is different because regardless of which Drobo you use, we make sure that it can be setup easily in minutes, can expand without tools by installing larger drives at any time and that your data is always protected. Drobos are self-healing, self-managing and even self-optimizing. Drobo will even let you know when you’re running low on capacity and need to install bigger drives. You insert the drives, but Drobo will take care of the rest!  So, whether you are looking for a direct attached solution for your personal use or a network solution to share with others… Drobo has you covered!”


I have been trying to figure out how to store my pictures, videos, and movies in a safe, convenient, and affordable way.  Up until now I have been so nervous that I would lose my phone, my camera, or my computer would crash and I would be left without any pictures of my both of my sons first years.  Yes, I have been carrying around those precious moments with me daily.  My phone was so stuffed I couldn’t do updates on it.  My camera was so loaded that I had to delete things to make room.  Scary and stupid to trust myself with all of their memories.  All it would have taken is one slip up and I could have lost them forever.  Not any more.

Drobo sent me the Drobo 4-Bay.  It  has 4 slots for hard drives to be inserted.  Drives of any manufacturer, capacity, spindle speed, and/or cache can be used!!!  This makes adding more storage as needed easy and convenient.  Drobo works with Macs or PCs.  This 6 lb device measures just 5″ w x 6″ h x 10″ d so putting it on a desk would take up no room at all.


Drobo is super easy to set up.  I let hubby help because putting technology things together makes him feel manly…but I could have done it myself.  First you download the software from online and then insert the drives.  This 4 bay drive needs at least 2 in it but you don’t have to have 4.  It can grow with you!


Plug in Drobo to the power outlet and to your computer and turn on!  TADA!  Done!  Now you are ready to drag and drop your files, pictures, movies, videos, and whatever other things you want to keep safe and protected.  Use it for storage or as a backup.  Either way you will love Drobo.  It even tells you right on the screen how much space you have used and when you are running out.

I was able to easily empty my phone, computer, and memory card on to Drobo.  Now if I ever had a house fire I could drive just this rather than running around collecting our memories.  🙂  No seriously though.  I do feel less stressed about all the what if’s that could have happened to all of my precious (and some paid for) memories, songs, movies, and more.  Thank you Drobo for giving this mommy peace of mind!

Check out Drobo’s website for all the different models of Drobo….mini (great for traveling), professional, networks (even up to 100 users!), and small to medium businesses!  Something for everyone’s needs.

Drobo is Real Mom approved and recommended!!

Right now Drobo is giving Real Moms Real Views readers a KILLER deal just in time for the holidays!!!  $100 off a Drobo 4 Bay (like the one I received)!!!!  Go to and use the promo code: REAL100   This is HUGE!  Now there is no reason to not have your phone, computer, and camera backed up and ensure your photos, videos, movies, songs, apps, and documents are all safe and secure!  Thank you Drobo for your generosity and love for our readers!



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