Calling All Parents! {Holiday Gift Guide 2015}

Parents are busy and often times multitasking.  Companies that make products for these busy bees are some of my favorites.  They get me.  They get that I need everything at my fingertips yet still have my hands free for my little ones.

Scooch, founded in 2014, has been “pushing the boundaries of design, technology, and function in an aim to make the world fit you.”  Starting with the idea to bring function to mobile accessories this company took off.

Scooch sent me a Clipstic Slim case that fit perfect on my hubby’s iPhone 5.  Are you surprised I gave this one to my hubby instead of keeping it my busy multitasking self?  I am!  ha ha No!  Here is the reason I wanted him to take this bad boy for a spin.  My husband’s job is the epitome of multitasking.  He is constantly on the phone…talking, texting, using his calendar, getting directions, you name it!  I wanted him to try this out because of it’s great features.

The Clipstic Slim has a one of a kind.  “By simply pressing your finger down on the Clipstic, you turn your smartphone case into a mount, a grip, and a kickstand. Unlike most vent mounts, the Clipstic case doesn’t require suction cups, magnets, or brackets. The mount IS the Clipstic. Simply hook your case into your vent for easy, hands free use. Using your GPS on your smartphone has never been easier. When using the Clipstic as a grip, get creative! The grip function allows you to interact with your phone in ideal ergonomic positions. One handed cell phone use has never been easier. The Clipstic can be used as a kickstand in both landscape and portrait positions. Use the kickstand to see who is texting or calling without lifting your phone. Use it in the kitchen when viewing a new recipe on your phone. Use it to watch a movie. Minimalist design allows it to easily slide in and out of your pocket when not in use!”

This makes it a great choice for my hubby!  He can pop the Clipstic out and put it in the vent of his car.  This makes using his GPS and music safer.  Although he doesn’t text and drive he does read the text.  Now instead of picking his phone up and looking down to read it it is right at eye level and easily noticed.  The kickstand is a great way for him to keep his phone in view at his desk and not risk it getting lost under papers.  He likes using it to rest on his shoulder so he can type or write at the same time as talking without his head having to lay on his shoulder to hold the phone in place.

To say I am not jealous of this would be a lie.  I think this is awesome and I want one of my own!!  Every couple should have his and her matching Clipstics 🙂  Right honey!?!  😉

The black Clipstic Slim retails for $29.99.  It has silver details…something my husband has said several times that he likes.  (Makes it a little more businessman in his opinion.)  Another product available is the Clipstic Pro….same thing but military grade!!

Here is what each model is available in:Clipstic ProIphone 6 plus and 6 plus sIphone 6/6SSamsung Galaxy S6In two weeks, we will have the Samsung Galaxy Note 5Clipstic SlimIphone 6Iphone 5 and 5S (not 5C)Iphone 4 and 4SSamsumg Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and Note 2

Clipstic is Real Mom and Hubby approved!



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