Reality TV For Me.

Do you have a favorite movie or television show that you are religiously addicted too?

I do! I will let you in on my secret obsession. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. When it is on, Monday is my night. I take the phone off the hook and put the kids to bed and cuddle up on the couch with a good drink, my blanket, and my reality TV! It’s my getaway from diapers and dirty dishes. I get to go away for an hour or two to an exotic location and watch the gals/guys vie for the Bachelor/Bachelorette heart. The new Backelorette starts May 23rd and I can’t wait to follow Ashley’s journey for LOVE!DirecTV provides a line up that is sure to fit your lifestyle and TV watching tastes. DirecTV packages let you choose the channels you want at the price that fits your budget. You can even get HD FREE! They even have DirecTV Cinema that let’s you watch movies instantly! That means you can gather up your girlfriends, grab a glass of wine,  and put on a chick flick and enjoy a night off!

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