Real Moms DIY: Something Old To New

We all like saving some money right? Especially with the economy the way it is…This week we are featuring Thrifty Decor Chick! Sarah knows just how to save some money and still create a designer look in your home. Sarah is super creative and has an amazing eye for knowing when something can go from old to new! I wish she could come and help me decorate my home.Sarah was in her local Goodwill shop and found this $24.99 coffee table.  and low and behold she created THIS!!!Isn’t it beautiful? I am super jealous right now! I wish it was in my family room.

A little paint and $24.99! I say that’s a steal! Great job Sarah! So next time you are in your local goodwill or consignment shop look beyond that piece of old furniture and in vision what you can create with a little elbow grease and paint! You can find out just what she used and how she did this project by visiting her BLOG!

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