Pretty Princess {The Princess Giveaway}

I think every little girl dreams of becoming a princess! It can be difficult to find princess dress up clothes that are high quality and really, really pretty! The Princess Dress carries an amazing amount of high quality princess costumes perfect for the little princess in your house!Do you ever get frustrated by the selection of dress up clothes at your local stores? We sure did. All we wanted were some cute princess dress up clothes for our kids, and we couldn’t find them anywhere. Now, we can help you in your search too! We carry a full line of princess dress up costumes. It’s like looking in the Halloween section all year round for princess dresses, only with much more variety. Our daughters absolutely love these dresses, and we’re sure yours will too!

Are you planning a Fancy Nancy party? We sell gorgeous dresses for your little Fancy Nancy! We have all shapes, sizes, and colors. We have jewelry, shoes, crowns and fairy accessories. We carry pink, purple, blue, burgundy, green, and many more colors to choose from for your dress. We also have Disney Princess Dresses. These include Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, Snow White… and we have other fairy costumes too! We have child wedding dresses, southern belle dresses, Spanish princess dresses.. and more! ~The Princess DressWhen choosing a princess dress for my little Ava, I knew we had to go Cinderella! She loves the movie and already had some pretty glamorous Cinderella jewelry to match. When her Cinderella dress arrived in the mail, I was actually a little bit shocked! Most dress up dresses we have around our house are itchy and not very well made…NOT this dress from The Princess Dress! The fabric is so silky soft, it is completed with so many lacy, fancy, darling details, and even zips up the back! No Velcro  here! The dress came complete with matching Cinderella gloves! She loves wearing this dress around the house, to the store, to Grams house, anywhere she can! I am just hoping she doesn’t wear it out before Halloween as it is going to be the perfect Halloween costume for her this year, and then Hollis can be Gus, Gus! Cute, right?! This princes dress can cheer up my girl any day! She puts it on and starts twirling!

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