Pants Up And Styling {Santa’s Little Helpers}

Beckham is one skinny little kid.  He is in the 23rd percentile for his weight and the 78th for his height.  This makes it hard to find pants that fit his 16 month old body.  We need the length of the 12-18 month but the waist of the 9-12 month.  Because of this we are constantly rolling his waistband down to try to keep his pants on.  Even at that he has been know to walk out of his pants a time or two.I appreciate companies that have adjustable waistbands but I find that a lot of companies don’t include that feature until 18-24 months.  But NOW!  I have no more reason to stress about Beckham’s pants falling off of him.  Little Boy Swag is solving saggy pants problems while adding style.Little Boy Swag is an Etsy shop that specializes in unique and high quality products for boys.  Currently they sell suspenders, bow ties, neckties, and onesies.  In the future they want to introduce more products custom printed t-shirts, hats and other cool accessories for little boys!   This is a shop you want to favorite on Etsy and watch.  Their products are  great for newborn to nine years!!!

Blue Jeans


Beckham received royal blue suspenders that fit newborn to 5 years.  They are fully adjustable in three different spots.  This color is great!  It is a nice, true blue.  Beckham first wore these to church and boy did he get a lot of compliments!  I even had a mother say to me, “My girls were watching your son the entire time.  They just went on and one about his cute little suspenders.”  Everyone loved them, especially  my hubby and I.  They didn’t bother Beckham at all and best of all his pants stayed up.  I love that these suspenders not only add style to his clothes but they have function and keep his pants on his bum.After church my husband said, “I love him in suspenders.  We should get some in every color!  If not every color we should at least get some more.”  To hear my husband say he loves them enough to get them in every color is a huge endorsement!  He really was loving these!!  Since wearing to church he has worn them with plain shirts, layered shirts, and striped shirts.  We love these and the fact that we aren’t finding his pants in random places around the house These suspenders would make a great gift this holiday season.  Stick them in your little guy’s stocking, add them to a cool outfit for your nephew, or include a coordinating bow tie for your grandson to wear for family photos.  Remember, Little Boy Swag has these for newborn to nine years old!!

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