Movin’ And Groovin’ {mamaRoo Review + Giveaway}

When I was asked to review the mamaRoo I literally jumped for joy!  I have been eying this product for quite some time and became extremely jealous when a friend of mine won one.  This is such an amazing product and I am so honored to have been chosen to give it a whirl.4moms started with 2 guys…oddly enough.  With 30+ years of business and engineering experience between them, Rob Daley and Henry Thorn decided to work in the juvenile market.  They began a focus group with 4 real life moms – Jenn, Cindy, Kristen and Elizabeth – for input and expertise (they do have 13 kids between them including three sets of twins.)  These ladies inspired the name and are the face of the company.  Now 4moms is a team of 15 engineers, researchers, and developers who are dedicated to creating innovative products that make life easier for parents.

One of the products they have created is the mamaRoo.  Be prepared to be wowed!  There was so much time and effort put in to research in order to make it just the perfect product.  They use motion sensors to measure movements of moms and dads as they soothed their babies.  Would you believe that parents don’t swing or vibrate like common baby soothing products do?!  DUH!  Parents bounce and sway.  That is why the mamaRoo was built to “move like you do.”When I received the mamaRoo I could hardly wait to open it.  I did and LOOK!  I got an orange mamaRoo.  What a great neutral color!I quickly put it together.  It was super simple to assemble.  Everything was labeled….match A with A, B with B, and soon enough it looked like it should!  Only a screwdriver for one screw was required!  The fabric zips on and off easily to be washed.  (PS!  It also disassembles easily AND goes back into the box…unlike blow up mattresses!)

I love the fact that this can easily recline or sit up!  This truly was created by moms!

On the connected mobile are soft toy balls.  All three balls sport classical art.  One side is black and white for infants and the other is color for babies once they can see color (around 4 months).The most important feature about the mamaRoo is how it moves.  There are five different patterns and five different speeds.  Click on a pattern to see how it moves.Pretty amazing huh!?  All of the above videos were on the fastest setting.  Here is the slowest setting.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better it does.  What good is movin’ if your baby isn’t groovin’?  That is why 4moms included sound.  Not only can you hook your mp3 player up…

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