Most Common Home Insurance Findings in Pennsylvania

While home inspectors find defects in every house, they can spot trends and patterns that appear more frequently in their homes.

These are some of the most common findings from home inspections that Precise inspecting in Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania houses are plagued by doors that need adjustment or doors that don’t fit in the doorway correctly.

This may seem like a small problem but could indicate a larger foundation problem.

A door not in the center of the room indicates foundation cracking or shifting. This happens when the house sinks lower on one side. This can make the house uneven, leading to more serious problems down the road.


Inspectors often find plumbing problems in Pennsylvania homes. Because plumbing is often used, many homes have problems with it. Pipes and faucets that are old and worn can also cause plumbing problems.

Pennsylvania homes have been around for many years, so plumbing systems are also old. Pipes can freeze, crack and burst during winter.

Home Inspection in Pennsylvania reports often indicate that faucets must be replaced as they can wear down and cause problems.


Inspectors often find that sealant and caulking are missing from the exterior of houses during home inspections.

It could be that the sealant was not used in the first place or that it has worn away and needs to be replaced. A lack of exterior sealant can cause moisture inside the home, leading to other problems.

Water damage is an issue in many Pennsylvania homes because of the high humidity. It is important to have the right sealant applied to the exterior of your home.


Roofs that are past their useful life expectancy and require replacement are often found during home inspections. Roofs in Pennsylvania are subject to heavy precipitation and hot and cold temperatures.

Roofs last approximately 10 years. However, it can be longer or shorter depending on where the roof is located and the materials used.

Because of their greater durability, shingles and wood roofs are more long-lasting than tile or clay tiles.

While buying a home is exciting, protect your investment with a professional inspection.

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