Mega Bloks Santas Little Helpers

I love being a mama to a silly, outgoing, and full of energy four year old little boy. It is so much fun and definitely full of adventure. My first child is a girl, so it has been a blast discovering all the boyish toys that are out there. When the holidays roll around each year, I always enjoy looking for great gifts for both of my children. When I saw the MEGA BLOKS SKYLANDERS SWAP FORCE BOSS TANK SHOWDOWN I knew Hollis would absolutely love it! He gets to build and play; really using his brain power and imagination!

Evil Glumshanks bars the way to Kaos in his massive Boss Tank! Wash Buckler must try to take him down without losing a leg in the Boss Tank Showdown by Mega Bloks Skylanders SWAP Force. Wash Buckler must use all of his Water powers and secret swapping ability to defeat Glumshanks and his tank. Duck Glumshanks’ cannon attack and watch it blast through the breakthrough wall, then use Wash Buckler’s mix-and-match capability to combine with any other Skylanders SWAP Force character and smash Glumshanks’ Boss Tank. Defeat Glumshanks and send a message to Kaos – the Skylanders won’t rest until the Darkness is finally defeated once and for all! Hollis has always loved building blocks, but just recently has found a love for building Mega Blok sets! He was so excited when I showed him the Skylanders Swap Force Boss Tank we were going to build together! Immediately he was wanting to play with the cannon {why am I not surprised.

We pulled out all the pieces and got started on step one. Hollis helped me at each step, finding the pieces we needed and making sure we put them in the correct place. He definitely struggled with the building; there are lots of pieces and the diagrams are a bit over his head. This toy is ideal for kids 5 and up and Hollis is only four, so I expected him to need assistance. He definitely wouldn’t have been able to complete this on his own, but together, we were unstoppable! He loved the entire process and kept telling me thank you for his new Skylanders and that I am the “best mom ever.” Oh, yes! Best mom ever status right over here thanks to Mega Bloks! Both Ava and Hollis have been having a ball playing with this set! They love shooting the cannon at the wall, trying to knock out the removable piece! I would highly recommend the Mega Bloks Skylanders Swap Force™ Boss Tank Showdown set for any young boy this holiday season! Not only is it super fun to play with, but it’s also fun to build and will keep kiddos busy and entertained for a bit over the holidays!


•      Buildable Boss Tank with working launcher

•      Includes Wash Buckler (Water Character) with mix and match capability –swap him with other                  Mega Bloks Skylanders SWAP Force™ figures and turn him into a different character every time!

•      Evil Glumshanks character in battle garb

•      Buildable wall that “breaks” into pieces when activated, simulating tank cannon damage

•      Combines with other Mega Bloks Skylanders SWAP Force™ playsets to build your adventure!

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