List Of Home Inspection Considerations To Make For Old Houses

In case you’re a prospective home buyer and have a tight budget when it comes to purchasing a home, then most probably you’ll gravitate towards old houses. However, you must remember that buying an old home comes with its own set of merits & demerits. 

Merits in the sense that you’ll be able to purchase the house at a reasonable price and having the chance to enjoy an antiqued space. When it comes to the demerits, there are quite a few, and that’s why we are here to help you out with the same. In this comprehensive write-up, we’ll let you know about the significant issues that you’ll face with older homes so that you can take precautionary measures or reconsider your decisions beforehand.

Issues That Are Routinely Faced By Old Homes

  • Modern HVAC Systems Can Be Incompatible In Old Homes

Professional home inspector in Cambridge points out that modern HVAC systems were not present when your soon-to-be old home was built. Therefore, these houses will not have the facility to accommodate such a technologically advanced appliance. Without disturbing the overall architectural features of the house, you cannot modernize your old home. 

So, if you want to improve your old home and turn it into a total technological powerhouse, then it would simply be a bad overall idea. Ensure that you consider such a factor when deciding whether to invest in an old house. 

  • Presence Of Lead Paint

If the house that you’re trying to purchase had been made in the 1970s or the 1980s, then there’s a high possibility that there will presence of lead in the exterior as well as interior paint jobs. Lead is highly dangerous for human beings, especially kids, and excess exposure can lead to various illnesses & diseases. 

Thus, it’s vital to learn about the history of the old house that you’re planning to invest in. Make sure that you ask the seller about the same and we also suggest hiring a professional home inspector who can help you detect any traces of lead inside the home. 

  • Presence Of Numerous Safety Defects

Older homes are filled with various kinds of safety issues – from structural problems to quality issues. For instance, old-age houses don’t come with proper fire safety features. Therefore, the chances of house fires are quite higher compared to a modern home that’s fitted with a fire alarm system. 

So, if you have elderly people within your family or children, then it’s better to thoroughly inspect the house for any safety defects. And if you do need a helping hand, then don’t hesitate to call us and let us know. Our experienced home inspector will assist you at any time. 

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