Know All About The Best Carpet Cleaning Agents

Carpet cleaning and its related topics have gained quite a stir on the internet. Suddenly people are interested in knowing the secret of professional carpet cleaners. One reason behind this is the craze of DIY, everyone wants to do things on their own. If you too are planning to dig deep into carpet cleaning, the internet will overwhelm you with a plethora of suggestions. However, the real secret in carpet cleaning is the agents used in the process. The industrial solutions and chemical tackles can make the cleaning process nice and smooth. Read on to know some of the best agents used for carpet cleaning. 

  • Alkaline Solutions

Most of the agents are chemical solutions when we talk about carpet cleaning. Since you hire service only when you can’t do it yourself, it is obvious that Carpet Cleaning Services have to use strong alkaline solutions like sodium bicarbonate, borax, and other phosphates. These alkaline agents react with hard water. Since the dirty carpet soaked in water will turn it into hard water, the alkaline agents will make the dirt particles soluble in water and the carpet gets cleaner. Moreover, soda ash or sodium carbonate also has a huge role in absorbing the dirt particles from the carpet. 

  • Bleaching Particles

The bleaching particles are the defining part of the detergents. The detergent does the work of melting and reducing the grimes and stains from the carpet. Mostly divided into two parts namely oxidizing particles and reducing particles, bleaching agents are the first choice of professional services for Carpet Cleaning in Christchurch. These bleaching agents are responsible for removing stains and keeping them away from the carpet once removed. Also, anti-corrosion and anti-caking solutions are found in a carpet cleaning material. These solutions are used to keep the shape of the cleaning solution uniform. The chemical solutions may be in powder and liquid form.

  • Emulsifiers

The last agent in the cleaning solutions is emulsifiers. The purpose of using emulsifiers in the carpet cleaning solution is to remove oil, fumes, body-liquids, and similar tacky remnants off the carpet. Mainly emulsifiers are used when the oils and other liquid stains have gone deep into the carpet. These emulsifiers work like magic since they have this nature of not being surfactant and penetrating the layers of the carpet. Once penetrated, detergents and bleaches can do their work. Emulsifiers can be accessed by anyone if you know exactly how to use them. However, it is in your best interest to use soda ash and vinegar instead. 

Apart from these, there are deodorant chemicals and dyes that help keep the color and fragrance of the carpet intact. This insight into the chemical agents of carpet cleaning should be fruitful if you have taken notes.

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