3 Benefits of Keeping Plants in Your Bedroom

Bedrooms aren’t often the first room in the home you’d associate plants with. However, there can be huge benefits to having plants in your bedroom. If you’re looking for some pretty additions to your bedroom, there are a range of indoor plants that meet the criteria.

So, before you decorate your windowsill with new bedroom decor, take a look at all the benefits of getting a bedroom plant.

1. Connection With the Outdoors

We all know that the great outdoors has physical, mental, and emotional benefits. When you bring a plant inside, you’re transferring some of that benefit into your own home. Plants have a way of making you feel relaxed and tranquil when you look at them.

2. Purifying the Air

Our homes are full of toxins that we don’t often know or think about. Toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and others can be accidentally released in or let into our living spaces. These are the last things you want to breathe in as you sleep at night.

Having an indoor plant can help purify the air. Some plants are specifically designed to absorb toxins like formaldehyde. In return, the plants release oxygen into your room, making it a much cleaner space to breathe in.

3. Stress Relief

Do you know that feeling a long soak in a warm bubble bath at the end of the day? Well, you can get that same kind of stress relief from taking care of your plants. If you’re wondering how to boost your mood, watering or spraying your plants at the end of each day counts as a stress relief activity. 

There’s also satisfaction in watching your plants grow and nurturing them into good health. Along with stress relief, you can also get a keen sense of achievement.

What Are the Best Bedroom Plants?

The plant you choose will depend on the type of environment your bedroom can offer. Is your bedroom warm or cool? Does it get a lot of sunlight or low light? For instance, if your bedroom is often shaded throughout the day, plants like the Peace Lily or English Ivy could work perfectly. 

If you need a little help sleeping, plants like Jasmine and Aloe Vera are fantastic companions. The scent of Jasmine produces a calming effect which can come in handy when you’ve had a rough day. Why not take a look at Bloomspace for ideas on what plants would work well in your bedroom? 

Deciding to Put Plants in Your Bedroom

Yes, plants are an added responsibility. But, when you decide to put plants in your bedroom, the benefits far outweigh the daily watering you’ll need to commit to. Any kind of plant helps to bring life to any room in the home and your bedroom will suddenly feel entirely different.

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