Healthy Hair & Skin in Just One Week! {Aquasana Shower Filter Review & Giveaway

Keep hair and skin looking its best by using clean filtered water when you shower! If you’ve been in a pool at all this summer, you know the damage chlorine can do to your skin and hair.  It causes my skin to become dry and my hair brittle with more breakage.  Well, did you know that Chlorine can also be found in significant levels as part of the tap water you shower in?  Makes me wonder if all those conditioning products I’ve bought through the years were being cancelled out by the drying effects of chlorine and other hard chemicals!?  Well, I’m fighting back with my new Aquasana Shower Filter!  With 91% reduction of chlorine, I’m experiencing softer, lustrous hair and supple skin.
Treat yourself to a better shower.

The Aquasana shower filter helps your family enjoy bathing in filtered water with a simple attachment to your shower line. Our unique two-stage shower filter system uses a combination of copper-zinc oxidation media and coconut shell carbon to reduce 91% of the chlorine in your water, and also reduces synthetic chemicals and enhances pH balance. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the health and cosmetic benefits of showering in clean water, like reduced asthma symptoms and softer skin and hair. Since Aquasana filter cartridges last 6 months or 10,000 gallons, you’ll shower in the healthiest water for the best value.~Aquasana

I’ve been using my Aquasana shower filter for a couple weeks now and I notice a difference, especially in my hair texture.  My hair is now so soft and it has gained a healthy shine back.  I haven’t changed any of my shampoos or conditioners, so I know that the difference is the filter.  Aquasana was introduced to me while I was visiting my dermatologist, so I also know that doctors are recommending this product, and for good reason.  Besides the beauty benefits, reduction of chlorine is helpful to those susceptible to breathing disorders and dry skin conditions like asthma and eczema.  Toxic vapors caused by chlorine combined with other disinfectant by-products can be harmfully breathed in during a hot shower, so eliminating the chlorine is necessary.

Aquasana shower filters are so easy to install.  I simply unscrewed my existing handheld shower wand from the water pipe, then screwed on the filter.  I ran the water for several minutes to get the carbon out of the line and then twisted my shower wand back on.  The video below will show you how simple it is! Aquasana is dedicated to giving you healthy drinking water too.  They carry a full line of products for the home including under counter and countertop drinking filters as well as whole house filtration systems.  Their advanced Claryum technology improves both the taste and condition of tap water by removing contaminants and preserving good minerals.

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