Give Your Bedroom a Modern Twist With These Tips

No one likes to wake up to the same walls and décor day after day and year after year. That is why we often rearrange our bedrooms until we are satisfied. We try everything, from decluttering the room to shifting the furniture. But, when none of these seem to work, what do you do? You could try renovating your house or the room completely. However, they are the least budget-friendly option out there. Instead, you can make some changes to your décor, wall paint, or the floors. Here are four ways you can modernize your bedrooms:

Bold Touches Go a Long Way

Be bold in the way you decorate your room with what you want there. Sure, magazines have readymade room decorations for you to choose from. However, you are more likely to love your room if it is arranged according to your preferences. Therefore, decide what you want in your bedroom. Do you love potted plants? Add them. Do you wish to control the light that enters? Go for stylish curtains and blinds. There is no right or wrong answer here.

Repaint the Walls

Adding what you love is all good, but if you want the modern look in your bedroom, you cannot paint the walls turquoise, even if it is your favorite color. Instead, call up painters Auckland residents prefer and have your walls repainted to neutral colors. This way, you can bring out all the colors in your mind in your décor.

Say ‘bye’ to Carpets

Wall-to-wall carpets do provide insulation. However, they give a comfy and cozy feeling over the modern look you want. Moreover, they can limit your decoration options. Therefore, toss the carpeting out and uncover what is hidden beneath. You may even find a fine hardwood floor underneath it. Such floors are perfect for giving your room the modern twist and adding a texture. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain and replace when needed.

Get Yourself a Headboard

You can do so many things with this project. If you don’t want a traditional headboard, you can opt for creating an illusion of it. For instance, you can hand an interesting painting on the wall behind your bed. Alternatively, you can build your own or get a headboard. There are many videos that will teach you how to create tufted and/or plywood headboards.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your den. Therefore, it is natural to want to personalize it and add your unique touches to it as much as you can. If a minimalist and modern look is what you prefer, these four tips will help you out. However, you can always make changes in these elements of the room to get any look you want in the room.

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