Get Inspired: How New Kitchen Cabinets Refreshed These Orlando Homes

When updating your kitchen cabinets in Orlando, there are several different styles of cabinets you can choose from to help revitalize your kitchen and living space. When looking for the cabinets that fit your home and overall style choices, consider these following designs for inspiration. Cabinet designs are very diverse and there is no shortage of unique options to inspire you!

Inspiration for Your Next Cabinet Project

  • These whitewashed cabinets make use of gray an uncommon color in many kitchen designs but one that adds a lot to your home if you make use of black and white designs. There is a contrast when you use black and white paints in the same room by using gray as a color this contrast is reduced, gray also works well in kitchens that make use of stainless steel.
  • Wood is by far the most common material used for kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets Orlando in general. However, metal can also be used for cabinet design and can be a striking addition to your home. Metal cabinets catch the eye and can be brushed in a variety of shades with golds being common.
  • Not all cabinets require doors. If you’re constantly making use of your cabinets then open cabinets may be more useful and convenient. Open cabinets can offer more storage room and easier access. Fro storing commonly used kitchen items such as pots and pans these types of kitchen cabinets Orlando can be an ideal addition.
  • Glass doors are associated with elegance and artful designs. Many homes are adorned with well-crafted glass work set in the front door. You can bring this same elegance to your kitchen cabinets with glass doors. Patterns can range from smooth glass to intricate patterns or designs.
  • Bold colors can also make existing cabinets more vibrant. Pastels such as pistachio can work in warmer kitchens while bolder colors such as dark blues may work better with your personal wants. No matter want your personal taste is don’t feel limited by traditional colors.

Your First Stop for Your Next Cabinet Redesign in Orlando

Your kitchen cabinets can be a key part of a home’s design and add significantly to its overall style and aesthetic. When it comes to choosing the perfect set of new cabinets, there is no shortage of innovative and unique designs to choose from. I-4 Kitchen & Bath has been helping residents of Orlando and the nearby community for many years with high quality and innovative cabinet designs.

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