Fresh and Ready to Go Mumi & Bubi Solids Starter Kit

When Peanut was a little Tot starting to eat solids, I decided I was going to try my hardest to make my own baby puree. When I looked at the brownish green color of say, Peas in the store bought jars versus the bright green of freshly pureed peas, I was sold. Somehow it just seems that they would have more nutrition being fresh and they definitely taste better! I worked really hard to puree a lot of foods. We did everything from basic fruits and veggies when he was just starting solids to pureeing meats when he got a few months older. I would use ice cube trays (that took up a lot of room in the freezer, or put dollops of puree on cookie sheets and then freeze, which took up even more room! This time around I am looking forward to streamlining the whole process. Recently I was given a great Solids Starter kit from Mumi & Bubi and I am thrilled by how easy preparing baby food will be!

The Mumi & Bubi Solid Starter kit has two stack-able, compact, freezer safe trays that hold a total of 42 1 oz. cubes. What a time saver!! When you are in baby food making mode, the more you can store the better! The trays stack on top of each other, maximizing freezer space, which I love since my freezers seem to always be pretty full. I love that the trays and lids have a super snug fit, which eliminates spills, contamination and freezer burn. It’s also a snap to remove the cubes. Simply press on one side of the cube and it slips out the other side. No running under water or twisting required!

It also comes with a handy guide with 27 recipes to  get you started on your puree-ing journey! The Solids Starter Kit trays have been especially designed for freezing baby food. They are made in New Zealand from non-toxic, virgin polypropylene – PP5 – and are top-shelf dishwasher-safe. For your peace of mind, the material of the trays are certified free of phthalates, BPA, and PVC. I can’t wait to try this out in a few months! Anything that makes life easier for Mom is always welcome. I think Peanut will have fun popping out the cubes too!  This kit is REAL Mom Recommended and can be found online. It retails for $25. It would be a great gift for a new Mom at a shower! It is available online and also on Amazon.

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