Deep Cleaning Before Moving in: Why and How

Moving into a new house is a big change. New homeowners had several hurdles to climb through, like the report from a home inspection in Alamogordo, to get to the part where they move in. However, it is always better to take one more small step before actually shifting into the newly bought property. No, we are not talking about repairs here; it’s a deep clean. So why is deep cleaning your new house essential? What is involved in the process?

Why deep clean your new house?

When moving into a house, you are unwittingly entering into a world of dirt, grime, and germs left behind during the open houses, inspections, and repairs. This is especially true if people lived in the house before the purchase. The result is a potential allergic reaction and a messy home you will need to straighten up as you settle in. A deep cleaning prior to moving in helps you avoid such a situation. You can store your belongings and spread your feet in the house with confidence and no worries over nasty hidden surprises.

Knowing the process

Before getting a cleaning service for your house, it is essential to know what goes into deep cleaning a house. The first step is knowing what needs cleaning and how much of it. Aside from the standard clean, you can choose to get ad-on like washing inside the oven or cleaning the cupboard interiors. The next step is getting the right supplies. This is important if you are doing the cleaning yourself. Necessary supplies for a deep clean include gloves, brush, sponges, rags, cleaning agents, a stepladder, etc.

Cleaning A House Before Moving In

  • Hallways and rooms: In bedrooms and hallways, ledges, window sills, and woodwork are dusted up and cleaned for a thorough clean. Removing cobwebs and throwing away trash is another task to be done during the deep cleaning of the house.
  • Kitchens: In the kitchen, you need to sanitize, clean, and dry the sinks, countertops, fixtures, and backsplashes, along with appliances and stovetops. This will give you a spotless and hygienic cooking area where you can cook without worry.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms are a must-include in a deep clean. This room should be sanitized, vacuumed, dusted, and washed thoroughly, including areas like doors, tiles, sinks, showers, basins, toilets, vanities, backsplashes, countertops, bathtubs, etc.


Moving into a new place has enough hassles involved without having to factor in the troubles of dusty and dirty living space. This is why indulging in a deep clean of the property prior to the move-in is necessary. From ensuring people’s good health moving into giving a spotless place to live in, deep cleaning has several vital benefits that homeowners should factor in. 

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