Dance Dance Dance Nickelodeon Dance to the Music dvd Review

My children had a great time dancing to the Nickelodeon favorites: Dance to the Music! The DVD contains all their favorite Nickelodeon characters, including Diego, The Wonder Pets! and Ni Hao. It also features Team Umizoomi, the Bubble Guppies, Kai-lan, Kai-lan, and Dora the Explorer. Two special Bubble Guppies music videos were so popular that they could sing along.

My kids loved the music and it was upbeat. This was a great way for them to move during a rainy afternoon. My daughter loved Team Umizoomi’s “Butterfly Dance”, and my boys loved Ni Hao, Kai-lan’s “The Ants Dance” and “The Iguana Sing-Along!” This DVD is fun and entertaining. It also helps kids burn off energy when they can’t go outside. Nickelodeon’s Favorites: Dance to the Music! This has been a huge hit in our household!

This music-themed DVD is only $14.99 and has a 144 minute running time.

To purchase Nickelodeon’s Favorites: Dance to the Music and other Nickelodeon titles, you are invited to

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored financially. I was provided with a product sample for review. Based on my personal experience with this product, my opinions are mine.

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