A Not to Miss Checklist for Annual Home Cleaning

A house demands timely maintenance. You would have spent a bulk amount in building your private space and decorating it upto the mark! But, if it is not looked upon properly and isn’t repaired when needed, the damage can be humongous! The issues that may arise due to negligence of the property and lack of touch-ups can bring upon another huge hole in your pocket. Not to forget the time it would take to mend all that (or even whether it becomes dangerous for the inmates!). That is the reason why at least a yearly touch-up of any place is essential for its longevity and consistent beauty.

Annual maintenance of your home demands certain steps to be taken to make sure your concealed and displayed systems are running fine. This also includes getting your house ready for any weather changes and planning protection against it. Apart from it, if there’s a special occasion or festival coming soon, you can get your home ready for that too.

The Mandatory Pointers for Your Annual Home Maintenance!

There can be lots of areas that may require your attention when you think of revamping or touching up your home once a year. Even if you miss a single point in this procedure, it means going through all that dust, repair and time-consuming procedure again in the middle of the year. Therefore, here’s a comprehensive list that lets you get an assessment of everything that you should do during your annual home maintenance procedure.

  • Repair Work — No doubt you have just built up or revamped your home a year back. But there are certain issues that evolve even after a short period of time. It’s therefore very essential to take them all into consideration and repair them during this time. If you see a leakage somewhere in the roof or on the walls, fix it. If the drains are going crazy, have them repaired. There may be more such (seemingly) petty issues, but never ignore them as tiny ones, as these can become a huge problem in some months, and you may have to tackle it urgently then. Better check each nook and corner of your house and get it repaired by an expert. A planned maintenance is always better than SOS repairs – for a scheduled work always takes into consideration your time and money, while SOS ones leave you with no choice.
  • Painting Work— Wall paints don’t get dilapidated easily. But if there’s a water leakage in your walls, or extreme moisture or humid weather conditions, the paint is going to show signs of wearing. And if you have some mischievous pets and kids on board, you very well know how your walls would look just after a year of painting them anew. Thus, putting up a fresh coat of paint becomes mandatory when taking annual maintenance into consideration. Make sure you contact the home painters in Auckland from Trusted Painters, who make it a point to beautify your walls and make them look exotic without even taxing you much monetarily, or even taking much of your time. But make sure to even get your exterior walls, gates, fences and roof painted at one go for a better life and beautification of the house.
  • Clean it Thoroughly — Though we all do carry out regular cleaning at our places, a thorough cleaning of it every year is compulsory. This lets you know if there are some hidden build-up of insects or other pests in any corner of your house, and even those hidden loopholes in the place which may be requiring a repair. Also, you can also get the place disinfected after getting it thoroughly cleaned by professional cleaners. They will do the job with extreme perfection and make sure no corner of your house remains unattended and dirty. This would ensure a healthy lifestyle for your family – free from allergens and dust.
  • Floor Cleaning or Polishing — If you have hardwood floors, they require a sanding session once in a while. Make sure to pay attention to this need and get the sanding and polishing done. This would even cover up all the damages and scratches on the floor, and give it a new, clean and brighter look. Tiles and concrete look like new with proper cleaning and resealing. And if you have carpets on your floor, you and go for cleaning it professionally or even steam cleaning it. This will sanitise it properly and leave your space shinier for long.
  • Review the Landscaping — Landscaping around the house beautifies the place. A touch of greenery amidst the concrete jungle is always welcome; not to mention the fact that it adds to the curb appeal.
  • Check the Water and Light Connections— Electrical connections and plumbing lines need time to time checking in order to prevent any grave issue in future. You can replace leaking faucets, tighten the loose ones, check the heaters, and also check your septic systems as the plumber is already present. Also, go for adding those extra sockets or gadgets if you need them, get your electrical appliances serviced and check and change any defective wires or switches.

If you make sure all the above aspects are attended properly every year, your house would always look attractive, neat and perfect! And don’t forget – it would add to the market value too!

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