Changing the Baby Formula- Is It Safe?

Every mother makes sure that her child gets proper care and nutrition for healthy development. Baby formulas are the best alternative to breastfeeding as they provide the best nutrients for infants to grow. However, deciding the best baby formula is a tough decision as there are so many baby formula brands available in the market.

A wide array of baby formula products are available from soy to milk-based, whole grain and lactose-free but choosing the best one depends upon your child’s adaptability and pediatrician advice. Most people try out different products, but is it safe to switch the baby formula. This question can be answered by looking at the baby formula ingredients, Are you switching from commercial baby formula to home-based baby formula, or changing the flavor of baby formula.

Organic Baby Formula

Most of the parents thought that while changing from commercial to the organic baby formula will increase their growth and do not cause any side effects, but that’s not the case. It’s how your child’s body reacts to it. 

Baby Formulas Types

  • Baby Food Powder: These are powder-based and you can feed a child by mixing the powder with water.
  • Liquid Concentrate: Generally expensive, they are easy to mix and create a blended solution without any lumps.

Generally, pediatrician recommends milk-based baby formulas that are made up of cow’s milk, vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and fit for all. However, infants with lactose intolerance are prescribed soy-based baby formulas made up of soy protein, sucrose, corn syrup, and iron. 

Why Switch Between Baby Formulas

If you are getting free samples of baby formula or a brand is offering high discounts on its baby food products, you may decide to switch in between brands other significant factors might include

  • Age of the baby from 6 months to 1 year
  • Vitamins or nutrients deficiency e.g. if a baby is on a milk-based diet, he/she may have an iron deficiency.
  • Sickness or diarrhea problem

How Safe is To Switch Baby Formulas

Well, most of the cow’s milk-based, iron-fortified baby formulas have the same ingredients. If you are switching just for the sake of taste, then it is completely fine. Your baby might take a day or two to adapt, but eventually, he will adopt the habit and you can try with other flavors too to give your baby a sense of taste.

Similarly, if you are switching just because the brand’s baby formula reviews are excellent then it is good to go, the only thing is that the ingredients should be the same. It’s okay to change formulas if they are of the same type. 

However, it may be harmful to the baby if he/she is on a special type of formula. Babies born with low-weight or high sodium measures may get allergies and make him sick. Side Effects of switching baby formula includes

  • Strong vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rashes or dry skin
  • Stomach Pain

Thus, for infants who are on special diets, the baby formulas should be changed only on the recommendations of a pediatrician and if any change is observed, you can switch back to a normal diet. However, one should avoid switching from cow milk powder to soy-based baby formulas as they both have different ingredients. It is strongly recommended not to try home-based baby formulas as they are difficult to digest. Commercially milk powders are prepared under expert supervision with balanced nutrients that promise better child growth and development.

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