Change Your Shoe Style in a Snap! {OneSole Review & Giveaway}

A year ago, I was watching a television program called “The Shark Tank”, a reality show that puts entrepreneurs and their ideas in front of a group of successful investors, when I learned about the company OneSole.  Dominique Barteet, the creator of OneSole, who often stood for 12 hours a day in her profession as a pharmacist, saw the need for a comfortable yet fashionable shoe.

Have you ever found a shoe that seemed especially made for your foot……the kind that you keep for the next 5 years, even with its raggedy sole or worn out material……the kind that you purchase in multiple colors?  OneSole’s concept addresses these issues of longevity, comfort and style.  Dominique invented a Soft-Step insole with interchangeable snap-on tops that allow the wearer complete comfort with flexibility to change the appearance of their shoe any time they want.

When I received my black Elegance Soft Step OneSoles, I wasn’t sure if they would live up to my expectations.  The  2 1/4″ heel appeared to be made of a hard plastic like material with a foam insole.  When I slid my foot in I was so surprised!  These shoes are sooo comfy!  I find myself grabbing for them everyday.  It’s foam insole is sort of like a thin memory foam, conforming to my foot, and after a few weeks of wearing them continuously have not broken down in the slightest.  I mention this because I’ve had a couple pair of thicker memory foam slippers that have flattened out days after wearing them.  My guess is that the shoe base is specially engineered to absorb shock and the foam is for added softness.  The interchangeable matching black top I received, snaps onto the side of the shoe base.  The snaps are durable and strong, taking a bit of strength to pull them off.  I didn’t receive a second top, so I was unable to switch out designs to see how that would work, however, I love the idea of having “different” shoes to wear everyday!

Although I truly like my OneSole shoes, and would love to purchase the Corky Leisure pair next, there are a couple of drawbacks.  One; I find my feet sweating a bit against the foam….and you know what that means…..over time they begin to smell.  Fortunately, I unsnapped the top and used soap and water on the foam part of the base which took the smell away.  Second; they are kinda loud when I walk……I’m heavy healed though. :)  Be aware that the sizing may run slightly small.  I normally wear an 8 1/2, however, OneSoles only come in whole sizing, and I was sent an 8.  Ordering up would have probably been a better choice, as my heel is hanging off slightly.  My daughter wears a size 7 and they look perfect on her.


OneSoles will be fantastic for my summer travels.  Instead of bringing three pairs of shoes, I can pack my Elegance base, and a couple extra interchangeable tops, like the Strappies or Betty styles, perfect for both casual or dressy outfits (….less shoes=less weight in my suitcase=less money I’ll have to fork out at baggage check-in!).  With so many choices of tops and bases (like the kitten pump, taller wedge, or clog), there are endless combinations.  Special kits get you started with a base and two tops.

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